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Friday, February 22, 2019

Candidates 4 City Council/Mayor listed in the order on the ballot

San Antonio Mayor
John Velasquez
Ron Nirenberg
 Matt Pina
Michael "Commander" Idrogo
Greg Brockhouse
Tim Atwood
Carlos Castanuela
Bert Cecconi
Antonio "Tony" Diaz

District 1
Alan Dennis Inchaurregui
Raymond Zavala
Oscar Magana
Brad Kessler
Justin Holley
Colton Unden
Lauro Bustamante
Roberto Trevino
Richard Gonzales

District 2
Joseph Powell
Jada L. Andrews-Sullivan
Richard Anthony Ramey
Keith A. Toney

District 3
Rebecca Viagran
Elizabeth "Liz" Campos

District 4
Johnny Arredondo
 Samantha "Sami" Sanchez
 Genevieve Trinidad
 Adriana Roche Garcia
 Joel Mendoza

District 5
Anthony Gres
Nazirite Ruben F. Perez
Shirley Gonzales
Faroog "FH" Malik
Jima (Jill Davila

District 6
Mario Adame
Melissa Cabello Havrda
Andy Greene
Robert Herrera

Disrict 7
Will McLeod
Trevor Whitney
Ana Sandoval
Kimbererly Grant

District 8
Manny Pelaez
Tony Valdivia
Frankie Gonzales-Wolfe

District 9
Nicholas Balderas
John Courage
Richard Reza Versace
Patrick Von Dohlen

District 10
Clayton Perry
Elise Kibler
Reinette King
Maria Perez
Linda Montellano

Thursday, February 21, 2019

American GI Forum letter supporting Cong. Joaquin Castro, 2-21

Congressman Joaquin Castro 
& Larry Romo American GI Forum 
National Commander

Here is the American GI Forum Letter of Support on Congressman 
Joaquin  Castro's Joint Resolution to stop diverting allocated funds for President's Emergency Declaration.

Dear Senators and Congressmen, Congresswomen, February 19, 2019

The American GI Forum fully supports a Joint Congressional Resolution that stops the President’s Emergency Declaration to redirect congressional approved funds to build any part of the border wall.
While it may or may not be unconstitutional, we agree that it appears illegal under the National Securities Act and illegal under the Antideficiency Act. If Congress does approve the Joint Resolution and the President overrides with a successful veto then the matter must be addressed by our federal courts and should be found either unconstitutional or illegal.

The American GI Forum supports our Constitution and the separation of powers between our legislative, judicial and executive branches. It is essential that one branch does not take power away from another branch and we maintain check and balances.

The American GI Forum supports bi-partisan dialogue for comprehensive immigration reform legislation. We ask that Congress for the greater good of our Country get together and find solutions and produce legislation on the DACA issue, Deported Veterans issue, Temporary Protected Status, Common Sense Border Security as suggested by the United and Securing American Act (USA Act) of 2018. The USA Act had bi-partisan support so it is possible to find immigration solutions that will get majority bi-partisan support.

May God Bless you, the American GI Forum and the United States of America.

Lawrence G. Romo
American GI Forum National Commander
Lieutenant Colonel, USAFR, Retired
Former US Selective Service System Director, Retired

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Celebration & Fundraising Reception for Judge Monique Diaz, 2-20

 Judge Monique Diaz with Judge Mary Lou Alvarez, with her mother, with Judge Rebeca Martinez, with supporters, former Councilman Roger Perez,  Judge Gloria Saldana, Maryellen Veliz, Michelle Shaw,  Councilman Manny Pelaez,  Ted Santos,  Commissioner candidate Ismael Reyes, Judge Ray Olivarri, Jorge Herrera,  Steve Price, Chris Forbrich, Maria Salazar, former Judge Al Alonzo, Jorge Herrera, Michael Watts, Judge Rebeca Martinez, Judges Angelica Jimenez & Toni Arteaga, Gabrien Gregory, Mary Ellen Ramos, Matt, Velasquez, supporters, shots taken from the Vintana Balcony where the event took place

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Women running for City Council places to include three incumbents

Reinette King (10) Linda Montellano, (10) Incumbent Ana Sandoval (7)
Genieve Trinidad (4 ) Melissa Cabello Havrda (6) Incumbent Shirley Gonzales (5) Liz Campos (3) Incumbent Rebecca Viagran (3)