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Monday, September 16, 2019

Flashback to September 1st. 2019 @ Aggie Park with Julian Castro

Presidential candidate Julian Castro addresses North East Democrats @ Aggie Park for Annual Labor Day Picnic kickoff for the 2020 election, posing with Walker Report Editor & former Judge Steve Walker, with Distict Clerk Mary Angie Garcia, State Rep. Roland Gutierrez, Bexar County Party Chair Monica Ramirez Alcantero & Adelpha Reina, Debbie Garza, Judge Stephanie Boyd, supporters, Rosey  Abuabara, & supporters, speaking to the assembly

Flash Back to Sept.1st, 2018 on Funeral of Senator John McCain

 Senator John McCain's daughter, Meagan, McCain's wife Cindy & two sons, & 106 year old mother,  speaker former Senator Joe Leibermann, speaker former President George W. Bush, & wife, Laura , speaker former President Barack Obama & wife, Michelle, speaker Henry Kissinger, speaker Senator Lindsay Graham, Senator Kelly Ayotte, Senator Chuck Schumer, Ivanka Trump & husband Jared Kutchner, former President Bill Clinton & wife, Hillary, former Secretary of State, Senator Orin Hatch, McCain's daughterFormer Senator Bob Dole, White House Chief of Staff, John Kelly, former Congressman John Banior & Senator Mitch McConnell, funeral, Remembering John McCain

Lasted over 3 hours+