Sunday, October 22, 2017

Just a Thought: Dia de Los Inocentes in La Prensa SA, 10-22

Just a Thought: Dia de Los Muertos
By Steve Walker

In 10 days San Antonio officially celebrates Dia de Los Muertos. Before the celebration the city will get a head start on the partying by a few days earlier to bring together traditional art and culture with the best in live music entertainment. 

The festivities include an art market, hands-on workshops, altar exhibit and dance, drum and puppet procession
. The Day of the Dead activities in Mexico developed from ancient traditions among its pre-Columbian cultures acknowledges the death of its ancestors.

Rituals celebrating the deaths of those ancestors have been observed by these civilizations perhaps for as long as 2,500–3,000 years. The festival that developed into the modern Day of the Dead fell in the ninth month of the Aztec calendar about the beginning of August, and was celebrated for an entire month. 

The festivities were dedicated to the goddess known as the "Lady of the Dead", corresponding to the modern La Calavera Catrina.

By the late 20th century in most regions of Mexico, the practices developed to honor dead children and infants on November 1, and to honor deceased adults on November 2.

November 1 is generally referred to as Día de los Inocentes ("Day of the Innocents") but also as Día de los Angelitos. ("Day of the Little Angels") November 2 is referred to as Día de los Muertos. (“Day of the Dead”)

Of all the Hispanic celebrations we celebrate her in San Antonio, Dia de Los Muertos is the only one to date that I have not participated in over the years. It is on my bucket list. For whatever reason, I have somehow missed the opportunity to do so.

The Smithsonian Institution with the University of Texas in El Paso has established a Smithsonian Latino Virtual Museum and accompanying multimedia e-book: Día de los Muertos: Day of the Dead. 

The project's website contains some of the text and images which explain the origins of some of the customary core practices surrounding the Day of the Dead, such as the background beliefs and the offrenda. (The special altar commemorating one's deceased loved one)

The altar exhibit includes up to seven levels. They represent the levels the soul must go through to get to final rest. It includes an image of a loved one to help the soul find its home.

The traditional day of the dead colors are orange, black, purple and yellow. Incense is used to make the evil spirits go away. The use of salt purifies and avoids corruption and an ash cross cleanses the soul to the offering.

Día de Los Muertos Celebration brings together traditional art and culture with the best in live music entertainment to create a two-day destination event for the City of San Antonio to celebrate the Day of the Dead. The event hosts a variety of activities over the weekend celebration including the largest open altar exhibition in the city.

Events are free and open to the public including: live music at Arneson River Theater; original Day of the Dead art; living altar; dance, drum and puppet procession; live poetry and more.

The Day of the Dead activities in Mexico developed from ancient traditions among its pre-Columbian cultures acknowledges the death of its ancestors.

With all the various Hispanic celebrations to participate in throughout the year in the Alamo City, Dia de Los Muertos is one that has a long religious tradition. The rich history adds to the diverse culture of the city we know as San Antonio.

As always, what I write is "Just a Thought.”  

Steve Walker is a Vietnam Veteran, former Journalist & Judge

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Westside Meeting, @ Bexar County Democratic Party Hqs. 10-21

 Bexar County Democratic Party Chair Manuel Medina, judicial candidates Joel Perez, Mary Lou Alvarez, Alfredo Jimenez, Veronica Vasquez, Jerry Kagan, Carlos Quezada, Melissa Vara, Yolanda Huff, Rochelle Acevedo, Michael De Leon, as well as former Judges Oscar Kazen & Carlos Key, current Judges David Rodriguez & John Longoria, District Clerk candidates Mary Angie Garcia & Larry Romo, County Clerk candidate Lucy Adame-Clark, St.Rep. Diana Arevelo, St. Rep. candidate Terisha DeDeaux, Gubernatorial candidate Tom Wakely, Pct. 2 Commissioner candidate Mario Bravo, candidate for SA River Authority Board of Directors Joseph Nazaroff, Jaime Martinez, Gabe Rosales, father Rudy Rosales, Angie Garcia & former LULAC National President Rosa Rosales, Don Nichols, Emilio Pena, Grace Hernandez, Gerard Ponce, Gloria Uribe, Jose Gallegos, Frank Arrellano, Henry Rodriguez & former Councilwoman Lourdes Galvan, Adrian Flores, Lidia Martinez

Bexar County Democratic Party Westside Meeting, I10 West, 10-21

 Bexar County Democratic Chair Manuel Medina, attendees, political signs