Monday, May 04, 2015

7th day vote total for San Antonio Mayor & City Council, 5-4

7th day vote total: 8,851,
Total to date: 42,714

US Military Vets Parade Assoc. to participate in Big Give SA, 5-5

On Tuesday May 5th our community will come together to support local nonprofits through 24 hours of giving.
The U S Military Vetrans Parade Association will be participating in the  
“ The Big Give SA”
To Benefit The Veterans Parade Association
A celebration to honor America's veterans for their patriotism, love of country, and willingness to serve and sacrifice for the common good.

"Just a Thought" Column continues in La Prensa of SA, 5-3

Just a Thought: Cinco de Mayo celebration!
By Steve Walker

With Fiesta 2015 now in the history books after a successful 11 day run that finished last Sunday, we can now look to our next Hispanic cultural celebration of Cinco de Mayo just two days from now. Just when you thought the party was over, we gear up for more celebrating.

When you live in San Antonio there is the natural expectation we will continue to celebrate our rich Hispanic culture all the time. We are famous for our celebrations with mariachis, parades, Mexican cuisine all the time, and any time. Viva San Antonio!

The question is “Why Not?” The good news is you don’t have to be Hispanic to appreciate the Hispanic culture. In fact those of us who are not of Hispanic ancestry get the privilege to experience it by assimilation just living here in Bexar County, the home of the Alamo and the Missions.

Where else but San Antonio can you get the best Mexican food like puffy tacos, tortillas, tortas and enchiladas?  I remember when I spent a year in Germany in the Army in 1971-72 I had no access to Mexican food whatsoever. Upon arriving home in the Alamo City, for weeks I frequented so many Mexican restaurants I gained weight and was forced to go to the gym to work off all the tacos!!

For many new to the 7th largest city in the United States, and particularly not of Hispanic origin, Cinco de Mayo is an exciting experience. In Texas and other states we commemorate the cause of freedom and democracy during the first years of the American Civil War; celebration of Mexican heritage and pride; commemorate the Mexican army's victory over French forces at the Battle of Puebla, May 5th, 1862.

For you history buffs from somewhere else who may not been privileged to study Texas History it became a cause of celebration. Cinco de Mayo has its roots in the French occupation of Mexico which took place in the aftermath of the Mexican-American War of 1846-48, Mexican Civil War of 1858 and the 1860 reform Wars.

These wars left the Mexican Treasury nearly bankrupt. On July 17th, 1861, Mexican President Benito Juarez issued a moratorium in which all foreign debt payments would be suspended for two years.

Not happy about that France, Britain and Spain sent naval forces to Veracruz to demand reimbursement. Britain and Spain negotiated with Mexico and withdrew. Unfortunately France at the time ruled by Napoleon III decided to use the opportunity to establish a Latin empire in Mexico that would favor French interests, the Second Mexican Empire.

Late in 1861, a well-armed French fleet stormed Veracruz, landing a large French force and driving President Ju├írez and his government into temporary retreat.

 However the Mexican Army of 4,500 took on the French Army of 8,000 strong and as we say in Texas, “put the whoop” on them, crushing the then considered "premier army in the world." The rest is history.

Don’t forget the 18th Annual Cinco de Mayo events that will happen in the downtown Market Square with sounds and smells of authentic Mexican food, Mariachi music on the plaza and Forklorico dancers with their colorful dresses.

Market Square is a family friendly venue with over 100 shops of Mexican art and crafts, as well as two of San Antonio’s most popular restaurants Mi Tierra and La Margarita.

As always, what I write is “Just a Thought.”  

Steve Walker is a Vietnam Veteran and former Justice of the Peace and Journalist.

Sunday, May 03, 2015

Bexar County Tejano Democrats endorse van de Putte for SA Mayor

With mother, Belle Ortiz
Bexar County Tejano Democrats (BCTDs) have made an unprecedented move to endorse Senator Leticia Van De Putte for the next Mayor of San Antonio, Texas.  The BCTDs recognized the significance of the election for Mayor and made endorsement NOT on politics but on the basis of the organization’s motto, “La Voz del Pueblo”. 
Peter Vallecillo
President-Bexar County Tejano Democrats

Vote Candidate Paul Martinez for San Antonio Mayor, 5-9

Re-Elect Candidate Olga Hernandez to £6 on SAISD Board, 5-9

Saturday, May 02, 2015

6th day total for early voting for SA Mayor & City Council, 5-2

6th day vote total: 4,984,
Total to date: 33,863

Young Women's Leadership Academy 8th grade graduation, 5-2

8th grade graduate Iris Cisneros with her mother, father, grandfather & aunt, participants, Young Women's Leadership Academy class of 2019