Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Republican/Democrat candidates running for CC 1-15 on ballot

County Judge Nelson Wolff (D) & opponent Tom Rickhoff, (R) DA candidates Joe Gonzales (D) &  DA Nico LaHood, (D) CC candidates £1  Tony Jimenez, (D) Helen Petry Stowe, (D) Judge John Fleming, (R) Jerry Kagan,  (D) £2  Judge Jason Wolff, (R)  £3  Judge David Rodriguez, (D)  Leslie Sachanowicz (R)  £4 Judge Jason Garrahan (R) &  Alfredo Ximenez, (D)  £5 Judge John Longoria (D) & Linda Molina, (R) £6 Judge Wayne Christian (R) & Rochelle Acevedo, (D) £7 Michael DeLeon (D) & Judge Genie Wright, (R)  £8 Judge Celeste Brown (R)  & Mary Roman, (D) £9 Judge Walden Shelton (R) & Gloria Saldana, (D)  Probate £1  Oscar Kazen, (D) & Judge Kelly Cross, (R) Probate £2  Veronica Vasquez (D) & Art Rossi, (R) £ 10 Judge Karen Crouch (R) , £11 Judge Tom Stolhanske (R) , £12 Yolanda Huff (D) & Judge Scott Roberts, (R)  £14 Judge Susan Skinner (R) & Carlo Key, (D)  £15 Cesar Garcia, (D) Melissa Vara, (D) Judge Bob Behrens (R)

Catholic TV of San Antonio 2018 honorees, Martha Tijerina, 3-20

7th Annual Leadership Luncheon, February 20th, 2018 @ noon honoring Martha Tijerina & Father Eric Ritter @ Whitley Theological Center, 285 Oblate Drive

St. Rep candidate Trey Martinez Fischer offers harassment training

Trey Martinez Fischer offers harassment training

Seeks to Partner with TX Democratic Party to Establish Workplace Harassment Policy. Both nationally and in Texas there has been unprecedented reports, allegations and admissions of improper sexual harassment across all industries. “Sexual harassment, or any form of workplace harassment is never acceptable,” said Trey Martinez Fischer. “I believe we should do all we can to train candidates, officeholders and staff about this issue.”

After detailed accounts of workplace harassment, Martinez Fischer wrote Texas Democratic Party Chairman to learn what the party infrastructure offered to train candidates and public officials. Realizing a demand for workplace harassment training, 

Trey Martinez Fischer tasked Ms. Elisa Bernal, an attorney and former Human Resources Director for the City of San Antonio and Ms. Alejandra Villarreal, an attorney and former Chief Administrative Officer for the San Antonio Housing Authority to lead a training initiative and present to local candidates, office holders and their staff “Both Bernal and Villarreal have decades of experience in Human Resource Management, Labor and Employment backgrounds and have served our community with honor, professionalism and set high workplace standards in their respective roles.”

“Sexual harassment is not a red issue or a blue issue—it’s simply wrong and I want to be part of the solution. By providing this training it is my hope to set a standard and establish a best practice.” Trey Martinez Fischer is working with the Texas Democratic Party and hopes to partner with them making this presentation available in every part of the state. “I will do my part to help establish workplace policies and best practices.”

Sexual and Workplace Harassment Training and Best Practices, Saturday, January 20th from 11:30 – 1: p.m. @  Jefferson United Methodist Church on 758 Donaldson Avenue, .

Cost: Free and open to all elected officials, candidates and their staff. 
Registration  begins at 10:30 and is free for those who attend. The program begins at 11:30 and concludes at 1:00 p.m. There will be a question and answer session from 12:30 p.m. to 1:00 p.m. Attendees can also register online at:

Republican candidate Fernando Padron for State Rep. 116

Republican candidate for St. Rep. D.116

 I invite you to join me in bringing conservative values 
to the Texas House.  I’m running for Texas State Rep HD 116.
Fernando Padron

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Republican/Democrat candidates running for higher office on ballot

R. Senator Ted Cruz, opponent D. Beto O'Rourke, D. Congressman Joaquin Castro, D. 20 (unopposed ) Congressman Lloyd Doggett  D.35, R. Congressman Will Hurd, D.23, opponents D. Rick Trevino, D. Gina Ortiz Jones, D. Judy Canales, R. Robert Stovall & R. Susan Narvaiz for Congress, D. Congressman Henry Cuellar D. 28 (unopposed) D. Sergio Contreras, D. Rep. Ina Minjarez  D. 124, D. Rep. Justin Rodriguez, D. 125, D. Trey Martinez Fischer, & D. Rep. Diana Arevelo, D. 116, St. Rep. Tomas Uresti, R. John Lujan, D. Leo Pacheco, D. 118, D. Roberto Escobedo, D. Diego Bernal, D. 123, D. Rep. Roland Gutierrez D. 19, D. Rep. Barbara Gervin Hawkins,  R. Carlton Soules, R. Adrian Spears, D. 121, D. Rep.Philip Cortez, R. Mike Berlanga, D. Terisha Dedeaux, R. Carlos Antonio Raymond, D.117 R. Rep Lyle Larson D.122