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Sunday, June 17, 2018

Lack of positive Mexican-American programming spurs action

Alfred Lugo
I1980 working at PBS station, realized there was lack of positive Mexican-American programming. I inquired about the lack and was informed thathere was not a supply of programs available. thought this was just an excuse.

read the book, “Among the Valiant” by Raul Morin. Two stories  which I remembered were on Gabriel Navarrete  & the Men of Company E &  
WWII Marine Guy Gabaldon.

I decided twrite and produce  documentary on the Men of Company E & one on 
Guy Gabaldon & decided twrite and produce a documentary on the Men of Company and one on Guy  Gabaldon…

 So began the chronicle published in 1963, this book by Raul Morin, 
who served in the 79th Infantry Division of the U.S. Army, was the first book 
to chronicle in detail the heroics of the Mexican-American-soldier during  
World War II and Korea. 

So began the chronicle  published in 1963, this  book by 
Raul Morinwho served in the 79th Infantry Division of   the U.S. Army
as the first book to chronicle in detail the heroicof the Mexican-American 
soldier during World War II and Korea. 

It also provides information about the Chicano Medal of Honor 
recipients during these wars. The book is a tribute to all American fighting men. 

In 1983 I produced my first documentary, “The Men of Company 
E” which aired oseveral PBS stations from Los Angeles to 
Washington  D.C. It won Third  Place at the New York Joseph Papp 
Museo Del Barrio Film Festival. 

The rights were purchased by the Armed Forces Radio & 
Television to be broadcast to ships overseas during Hispanic Heritage 
Week. Joe Olvera is a  long-time friend and journalist whose 
latest book is - Chicano Sin Fin: Memoirs  of a Chicano Journalist  
circa 2011. He passed away 2 years ago. 

El Paso Times reporter Joe Olvera got behind my documentary
 and wrote several articles on the Men of Company E. 
We received several  questions as to why we didn’recognize the many 
Anglo Texans  in WWII. Our rebuttals were never contested. 

Joe Olvera; (Excerpt from his El Paso Times article)article) 
Capt. Gabriel Lechuga Navarrete, seemingly speaking from
 the grave. But, no, he wasn’t speaking from the grave. 
He was speaking in documentary filmed by Mestizo Productions  in 1983. 
Produced &  written by veteran advocate Alfredo Lugo in California, the 
documentary was produced at a time when most of the men from
 Company E were still alive, including Navarrete

For years, the story of the bravery of the Men of Alfred Lugo’s 
documentary Company E languished in obscurity, and efforts to 
arrive at the truth of the infamous river crossing were not taken
 seriously by thmedia or the military command. It wasn’t until Lugo & his
Mestizo Productions took the challenge to tell the truth.
 Even that documentary didn’t open the gates for recognition of  the
 men and their heroics. It’s taken more than 60 years for  the recognition  
that had been denied to begin to appear.” 

Delta Park, 4321 Delta Dr., El Paso Texas  In 2008 
the city of El Paso honored The Men of Company E. 
The Memorial ibronze brass monument honoring 
he group of young Mexican-American Soldiers from the City of 
El Paso who were sent to Southern Italy on a tragic mission to cross the 
Rapido River on the night of January 21, 1944. Amidst WWII
the river was heavily fortified by the German Army. 

Saturday, June 16, 2018

American Legion Post 2 on Fredericksburg flag ceremony,6-16

Congressman Joaquin Castro with Commander Eddie Dela Garza, with Walker Report Editor & former Judge Steve Walker, with La Prensa Texas Co-Publisher Steve Duran, Councilwoman Ana Sandoval with constituent, Virginia Duran with Aisha Chapa, La Prensa Texas (formerly La Prensa SA)  featuring Tino Duran, Linda Jones & husband Charlie, candidate for St. Senate District 19, Councilwoman Ana Sandoval holding this week's Sunday La Prensa Texas with a column "Just a Thought" by Walker Report Editor Steve Walker on the transition from SA to Texas, Ramon Chapa Co-Publisher of LP Texas taking a selfie with wife Aisha & Congressman Joaquin Castro, participants, Congressman Joaquin Castro with American Legion Auxiliary,  Councilwoman Ana Sandoval with District 7 constituent, flags

3rd post-Republican State Convention @ H.B. Gonzalez Center, 6-15

President Donald Trump slide shown from the NRA,  Senator John Cornyn addressing the delegates, followed by Land Commissioner George P. Bush, followed by Commissioner Ken Paxton, Republican Party of Bexar County Chair Cynthia Brehm, Marian Stanko, Betty Eckert, former County Judge Cindi Krier & husband, Joe, Gina Castenada with granddaughter Lauren, Lupe Martinez Hernandez, Weston Martinez, James Dickey State Party Chair, Jack Finger, Dr. Robin Armstrong, delegates, speaker