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Saturday, May 19, 2018

Paella Panchanga draws crowd for candidate Monique Diaz, 5-19

 Judicial candidate Monique Diaz with supporter, Andres Lopez, Marc Rodriguez, Adelpha Reyna, Jose Carrasquillo "El Padrino" & wife, Justice Rebeca Martinez with former County Commissioner Pct. 4 Tommy Adkisson, Robert Vargas, Bexar County Democratic Party Chair elect, Monica Ramirez-Alcantara, Claudia Sanchez, Melissa Cabello-Havrda, Tim Maloney & friend, attendees, signs

Friday, May 18, 2018

5th day of early voting in Rep/Dem Primaries in Bexar County, 5-18

Bexar County Early Vote Counts


Early Voting LocationsDaily
Total Votes
Total Votes
Total Votes
Total Votes
Total Votes
Total Votes
Bexar County Elections101226327144862
Bexar County Justice Center14836451279220299
Brookhollow Library25955281151414912005
Castle Hills City Hall7118025191232323
Claude Black Center4793140437
Cody Library 177525702134402536
Converse City Hall286492276996
Copernicus Community Center4210214491928
Elmendorf City Hall21719156
Encino Branch Library68189257215508723
Fair Oaks Ranch City Hall359613152130182
Great Northwest Library 13132946079198277
Henry A Guerra, Jr. Library88219307217192
John Igo Library9025034069177246
Johnston Library5198149235578
Julia Yates Semmes Library115308423218693911
Kirby City Hall11283974754
Las Palmas Library18044062093342
Leon Valley Conference Center601371972378101
Lion's Field224563787191514705
Maury Maverick Library17541358869237306
McCreless Library1051922974573118
Memorial Library127336463182846
Mission Del Lago Pool and Community Center13294221416
Mission Library44153197254368
Northside Activity Center63133196225678
Northwest Vista College19456431316
Olmos Park City Hall99228327166301467
Parman Library @ Stone Oak90286376138290428
Precinct 1 Satellite Office5599154102131
Schaefer Library24537763844
Shavano Park City Hall67225292170362532
Somerset Junior High1012223811
South Park Mall128247375206181
Tobin Library @ Oakwell1704696392709221192
Universal City Library338411745117162
University of Texas at San Antonio5511717286169
Wonderland of the Americas@Crossroads25070495467185252
Total in Person34558605120602867782310690

Armed Forces River Parade-SA Riverwalk & Arneson Theatre, 5-19

May 19th  6-8 p.m. Location: 
San Antonio River Walk & Arneson Theatre

Seeking volunteers to help at this event, click here for more info and to sign-up.
Join us for a free patriotic parade dedicated to the men and women who serve in all branches of the Armed Forces. Twenty-five star spangled floats carrying representatives of all 5 branches of the military. Patriotic and American-themed rock music is played from the floats throughout the 2 1/2 mile downtown parade route on the River Walk.

The theme for the 2018 Armed Forces River Parade is Military City USA in honor of the rich military history in San Antonio as we celebrate our city's tricentennial.  Each float will feature American themes and music.

Grand Marshal for the 2018 parade is Nate Boyer. Learn more about this amazing retired Green Beret:

This is one of the largest Parades held on the River Walk. It is televised live in San Antonio on KMYS CW 35 and then replayed on WOAI and KABB around the 4th of July. It is syndicated in over 90 markets throughout the United States including the Pentagon Channel through November 11th.

Please make a reservation at your favorite River Walk patio for prime viewing of the parade.   You are also welcome to bring folding chairs and sit along the parade route (see parade route map in photo gallery). Please do not block pedestrian traffic   

Come out early to secure a good spot.  The parade is approximately 1-hour in length from when you see the first float. Pick-up a FREE copy of the official souvenir program for the parade.

6 p.m. start,  The parade is 1 hour long from when you see your first float along the 2 1/2 mile parade route on the downtown portion of River Walk (see map in photo gallery)

6-7p.m. Parade television live, CW35 KMYS
History of why we celebrate Armed Forces Day:

Ramadan Iftar Dinner breaking fast- Raindrop Turkish House, 5-23

4337 Vance Jackson Suite £203, 7:30 a.m. Mingle & Music, 7:45 a.m. Welcome & Ramadan  Presentation, 8:35 a.m. Iftar (Fast-Breaking Diner) 9 a.m. Closing remarks

4th day of early voting in Rep/Dem Primaries in Bexar County, 5-17

Bexar County Early Vote Counts


Early Voting LocationsDaily
Total Votes
Total Votes
Total Votes
Total Votes
Total Votes
Total Votes
Bexar County Elections61165226202848
Bexar County Justice Center9127336453167220
Brookhollow Library16139155239510961491
Castle Hills City Hall4613418073159232
Claude Black Center237093033
Cody Library 141384525119283402
Converse City Hall244064165369
Copernicus Community Center336910221719
Elmendorf City Hall31417145
Encino Branch Library66123189146362508
Fair Oaks Ranch City Hall2472964684130
Great Northwest Library 10422532951147198
Henry A Guerra, Jr. Library74145219205171
John Igo Library5619425048129177
Johnston Library326698183755
Julia Yates Semmes Library78230308187506693
Kirby City Hall52328182947
Las Palmas Library10933144082533
Leon Valley Conference Center36101137324678
Lion's Field158405563127387514
Maury Maverick Library11130241379158237
McCreless Library49143192264773
Memorial Library8525133662228
Mission Del Lago Pool and Community Center8212931114
Mission Library46107153103343
Northside Activity Center3598133233356
Northwest Vista College17284521113
Olmos Park City Hall7115722889212301
Parman Library @ Stone Oak72214286106184290
Precinct 1 Satellite Office25749971421
Schaefer Library193453122638
Shavano Park City Hall50175225110252362
Somerset Junior High6612538
South Park Mall63184247134861
Tobin Library @ Oakwell131338469249673922
Universal City Library2658844572117
University of Texas at San Antonio417611775461
Wonderland of the Americas@Crossroads17453070439146185
Total in Person235462518605221156127823

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Robert Vargas announces bid to run 4 Exec. Committee Man, D. 26

Greetings Fellow Democrats,

I am proud to announce my candidacy for State Democratic Party Executive Committee Man in Texas Senate District 26.

My goals are simple:

- Foster strong relationships between our state and local party.
- Advocate for the resources necessary to empower our grass roots activists.
- Get Democrats Elected!

I am respectfully asking for your support and for your vote at the 2018 Texas Democratic Party Convention.

In service to our community,

Robert Vargas III

Recent Community Involvement
  • Monica Alcantara, Bexar County Democratic Party County Chair-Elect
  • Primary Campaign Manager, Joe Gonzales for District Attorney
  • Former Constituent Liaison and Advisor, Bexar County Sheriff, Javier Salazar
  • Campaign Manager, Javier Salazar for Sheriff
  • Former Commissioner, San Antonio Fiesta Commission
  • Former Senior Advisor to Tommy Calvert, Candidate for Bexar County Commissioner, Pct. 4
  • 2015 Fiesta Commission Membership Committee
  • Former Board Member for the San Antonio Film Institute
  • 2014 Marketing Committee Member for the San Antonio Fiesta Commission
  • 2013 Community Relations Committee Member for the San Antonio Fiesta Commission
  • Padrino to Richard Ojeda, Rey Feo LXIV
  • Former Vice Chairman of the Young Executives Society San Antonio
  • Former Board Member of B.E.A.T. AIDS
  • Co-Founder and Former Board Member of the San Antonio L.G.B.T. Chamber of Commerce
  • Endorsements:
Sen. Jose Menendez
Texas State Senate District 26

Rep. Ina Minjarez
Texas State House District 124

Rep. Diego Bernal
Texas House District 123
Marisa Perez
State Board Of Education Member, District 3

Rep. Trey Martinez Fischer
Democratic Nominee, Texas House District 116

Joe Gonzales
Democratic Nominee for District Attorney

BC Dem. luncheon @ El Luchado before State Convention, 5-20

Sunday from 4-7 p.m. 622 Roosevelt
Texas Democratic Party State Convention in Fort Worth

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

3rd day of early voting in Rep/Dem Primaries in Bexar County, 5-16

Bexar County Early Vote Counts


Early Voting LocationsDaily
Total Votes
Total Votes
Total Votes
Total Votes
Total Votes
Total Votes
Bexar County Elections6798165111728
Bexar County Justice Center9318027355112167
Brookhollow Library1162753914006961096
Castle Hills City Hall61731347386159
Claude Black Center294170123
Cody Library 14623838489194283
Converse City Hall112940233053
Copernicus Community Center31386941317
Elmendorf City Hall5914044
Encino Branch Library5964123130232362
Fair Oaks Ranch City Hall225072255984
Great Northwest Library 831422256186147
Henry A Guerra, Jr. Library5194145193251
John Igo Library671271945772129
Johnston Library22446682937
Julia Yates Semmes Library83147230193313506
Kirby City Hall51823111829
Las Palmas Library113218331101525
Leon Valley Conference Center4160101143246
Lion's Field135270405143244387
Maury Maverick Library992033027286158
McCreless Library4697143143347
Memorial Library8117025171522
Mission Del Lago Pool and Community Center714215611
Mission Library3968107181533
Northside Activity Center475198191433
Northwest Vista College1018287411
Olmos Park City Hall599815779133212
Parman Library @ Stone Oak7513921464120184
Precinct 1 Satellite Office19557421214
Schaefer Library142034101626
Shavano Park City Hall72103175108144252
Somerset Junior High336213
South Park Mall78106184173148
Tobin Library @ Oakwell110228338254419673
Universal City Library223658225072
University of Texas at San Antonio23537674754
Wonderland of the Americas@Crossroads2023285304997146
Total in Person224640056251208335295612

Our Empowering Women in America, End Modern Slavery, 6-30

'San Antonio library Main Branch Auditorium, 600 Soledad

We need help with this monster - 

If anyone is interested in any of list below, please e-mail us or help organizing and remember this is why you were voted in to office? Free to the public. Public attendees hoping to cap 200+ June 30th from 11:45-2:45 p.m.

We are searching for: 

Social Workers, immigration advocates, refugee agencies, local and federal law enforcement, local and federal prosecutors, legal service providers, mental health professionals, faith-based leaders, Organizations that affiliate with HT and survivors of human-trafficking

Judge Ron Rangel (Mediator)