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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

BCDPNews sets new record & posts #400!!!!

Top: Steve Walker (photo)
BCDPNews Editor
Balcones Heights Councilman

2nd & 3rd Row: Ciro Rodriguez, Congressional District 23 runoff candidate
(It is time to rally around Ciro Rodriguez for the runoff)

BCDPNews has now posted 400 times since the first headline was posted on June 16th. That headline read: 2006 State Convention draws crowd.

During the past five months, BCDPNews has covered events, rallies, Democratic officials and candidates in their bids for elected office and Party activities.
Here are some of the headlines posted on BCDPNews.

Tom DeShant remembered on KSAT-News (7-25)
Supreme Court overturns part of Texas Districting (7-28)
John Courage nets #2 in map changers (7-30)

The Wu-Dog vs. Yellow-Dog & Bluedog (7-1)
Message from the Chair Carla Vela (7-20)
Scharf-Zeldes hosts press conference with the deaf (7-26)

Elected Officials at the Senator Edwards Luncheon (8-9)
Bexar Democratic Hq. attracts huge crowd of Democratic enthusiasts ((8-20)
Congressional special elections draw 24 candidates (8-25)
Gene Kelly files for Congressional District 21 (8-27)
Two Democrats walk into a Republican Precinct meeting and one says to the other....(8-31) (my favorite)

Ciros says, "I'm baack!" (9-1)
Radnofsky & Bell draw nearly 300 Democrats to AFL-CIO Labor Day Party Breakfast (9-3)
Bell drops in for a visit to local Democrats (9-5)
Poll says Chris Bell rising in Polls (9-11)
Bexar County Democrats participate in Diez Y Seis (9-16)
Spurs Brent Barry & wife, Erin host fundraiser for Peter Sakai (9-20)
Stonewall Democrats 1st Annual Awards Banquet (9-24)

Congressional candidate debate on Southside (10-2)
Chris Bell memorable quotes from Guv. race (10-7)
Express-News endorses Sakai (10-12)
"Why I am running" by Barbie Scharf-Zeldes (10-17)
Democratic Women at Crossroads Rally (10-22)

Chris Bell draws candidates to Woodlawn (11-3)
Slow turn out Election Day in North Central (11-8)
And the winner is....(11-8,9,10)
There will be a run off in Congressional Disrict 23 (11-8)
Faces of the CEC (pct. chairs) (11-15)

Postings by month.
Jun: 24
Jul: 54
Aug: 75
Sep: 64
Oct: 116
Nov: 67

There will be many more postings on an on-going basis. Expect to view postings highlighting Ciro Rodriguez's bid for Congress.

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