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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Walker Report 25-thousand hits shy of one million views!!!

The Walker Report is currently only 25-thousand hits shy of one million!!!! Visit the Walker Report and see what is happening in Bexar County. The Election Cycle is gearing up for 2012. Presidential candidates aren't the only candidates running for office.

Lots of local candidates from both parties are revving up their campaigns. The Tea Party is making its presence known as well. Equal time will be given to them as well as Libertarians and Independents. The calendar is starting to fill up. We will attempt to keep you abreast of upcoming events that include non political happenings as well. Just send us your information and we will include it in the calendar and post them as individual events. He/She who sends us information gets posted.

Remember all positive information. No trash or bash.

Walker Report Publisher/Editor Steve Walker
aka Judge Steve Walker
Also a candidate for re-election

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