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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

City Hall Meeting on controversial benefits draws crowd, 8-31,

L-R: Fox News 29 Reporter Grace White & Dr. Lorraine Pulido, San Antonio Tea Party President George Rodriguez, San Antonio Tea Party Exec. Director John Bell, Eileen Vincent, Dee Villarubia, Frank Burney, Dawn Larrios, Jaime Martinez, Pastor Ronald Littlefield, Joan Bond-Courtney, Gilbert Casillas, Adam McManus, Chris Forbrich, Pastor Charles Flowers & wife, David Plylar, Jack Finger, Carolina Barrera, A.J. Rodriguez, former Councilwoman Elena Guajardo, Chief Bill McManus, City Mgr. Sheryl Sculley, Mayor Julian Castro, Councilmen David Medina, Reed Williams, Rey Saldana & Ray Lopez & wife, kids, supporters from both sides, speaker's podium, Quiet Sign, City Chamber

City Hall was filled to near capacity, Wednesday evening, August 31st as 79 citizens signed up to address the Council during the Citizens to Be Heard segment on the issue of the City approving domestic partners benefits of City Employees.

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