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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Still more photos of 98 year-old Bill Sinkin @ Omni, 8-9

L-R: Benevolence Works CEO Linda Hartman with 98 year old Bill Sinkin, Richard Elizondo & Minnie Sanchez, David Elizondo, Claudia Salinas, Senatorial candidate & ret. Army 3-Star General Ricardo Sanchez, Judge Michael LaHood & wife, Norma, former State Rep. David Leibowitz, former Judge Karen Crouch & husband, Gerald Flores, former Mayor Lila Cockrell & grand daughter, Ed Einstein, La Prensa Reporter Dennis Aynotte, former Judge Ray Olivarri, Congressional candidate & State Rep. Joaquin Castro, Judge Mary Roman, Lani Esparza & Monique Diaz, Al Kaufman, Congressman Charlie Gonzalez staffer Suzannah Benevides, former Judge Cathrine Torres Stahl, Danny Meza, Allice Guerra, Terri Doughtery & Judge Larry Noll, Darby Riley, Benevolence Works CEO Linda Hartman with former Judge Karen Crouch, State Rep. Mike Villarreal & Steve Sinkin, Jeannie Ricketts, Pamela Taylor, Patsy Rangel, Madeleine Dewar & Judge Ron Rangel, 98 year-old Bill Sinkin with his daguhter & friend

Still more photos of 98 year-old Bill Sinkin honored by the Northwest Bexar County Democrats Annual Fundraiser, August 9th @ the omni Hotel @ the Colonnade.

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