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Saturday, March 24, 2007

"Beware," Red-Light Cameras are about to videotape you running a red light in Balcones Heights & cite you

L-R: Red-Light Camera on Babcock Road, warning on Hillcrest

The City of Balcones Heights is literally hours away from officially activating the red-light cameras. American Traffic Solutions (ATS) will begin issuing citations for red light camera violators on three intersections on Fredericksburg Road and one intersection at Hillcrest and Babcock.The citations will begin at 12:01 Sunday morning, March 23rd.

As a Balcones Heights Councilman and resident, I would encourage you not to run a red light in Balcones Heights. I would strongly encourage you, that if you do, pay the fine.

Welcome to Balcones Heights.

Councilman Steve Walker

Transportation reporter Pat Driscoll has been covering the Red-Light controversy. Here is his most recent article in the Express-News, Saturday, March 22nd.

Don't run red lights in Balcones Heights
Patrick Driscoll
Express-News Reporter

The owner of the light-blue Geo, which ran a red light on Fredericksburg Road last week and buzzed within inches of a man walking across the street, has been warned. So was the owner of the reddish Dodge sedan, which blew through a red light two nights later, going 59 mph. By the way, the posted speed limit on Fredericksburg Road is 40 mph.

In all, 469 warning letters were sent to owners of vehicles that busted red lights at four intersections in Balcones Heights over the first 27 days of a monthlong test of a new red-light cameras....

Read rest of the story by clicking on the following link.

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