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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Red Light Cameras a reality in Balcones Heights

L-R: Citation will be mailed to your address for payment, Fox-29 Reporter Stephanie Rivas doing a followup story on first day of citations, Fox-29 Photographer Donovan Garcia videotaping possible violators, Balcones Heights Police Officer stopping a speeding violator near the red-light camera intersection, traffic at the intersection of Babcock Road & Hillcrest, traffic stopped at Babcock Road entering Balcones Heights

It is show and tell time in Balcones Heights! Effective immediately, Sunday, March 23rd, the red light cameras are officially on line and video taping motorists that run through the intersections without stopping when the light has turned red.

No more warning tickets, it is the real deal.

American Traffic Solutions (ATS) will now issue citations for red light camera violators on three intersections on Fredericksburg Road and one intersection at Hillcrest and Babcock.

As a Balcones Heights Councilman and resident, I would encourage you not to run a red light in Balcones Heights. I would strongly encourage you, that if you do, pay the fine. Although I am the only councilperson to vote against the installation from the start, it is now a reality.

If you run a red light, you should receive a citation within 30 days of the violation and be directed to pay the fine to ATS.

Welcome to Balcones Heights.
Steve Walker
Balcones Heights Councilman

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