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Friday, October 12, 2018

Partial list of Rep./Dem. candidates on the ballot November 6th

 Unopposed Judges Jefferson Moore, Lori Valenzuela & Peter Sakai

Justice 4th Court of Appeals
-Place 2, R. Marialyn Barnard v. D. Beth Watkins
-Place 3, R. Jason Pulliam v. D. Patricia O'Connell Alvarez
-Place 4, R. Patrick Ballantyne v. D. Luz Elena Chapa
-Place 5, R. Rebecca Simmons v. Liza Rodriguez
-Place 7, R. Shane Stolarcyk v. Rebeca Martinez
BC District Judge
-45th District R. Stephani Walsh v. D. Mary Lou Alvarez
-144th District R. Lorina Rummel v. D. Ray Olivarri
-150th District R. Renee Yanta v. D. Monique Diaz
-186th District R. Jefferson Moore
-187th District R. Karl Alexander v. D. Stephanie Boyd
-224th District R. Cathleen Stryker
-225th District D. Peter Sakai
-226th District R. Todd McCray v. D. Velia Mesa
-227th District R. Kevin O'Connell
-285th District R. Richard Price v. D. Aaron Hass
-288th District R. Clint Lawson v. D. Cynthia Marie Chapa
-289th District R. Daphne Priviti Austin v.Carlos Quezada
-290th District R. Melissa Skinner v. D. Jennifer Pena
-436th District R. Li K. Jarrett
-437th District R. Lori  Valenzuela
Criminal District Attorney
Tylden Shaeffer R. v. D. Joe Gonzales

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