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Sunday, December 20, 2015

"Just a Thought" Column continues in La Prensa of SA, 2-20

Just a Thought: Reflections of 2015
by Steve Walker

With one more week of “Just a Thought” left this year after this one, I thought I would revisit past columns of 2015 like I did at the end of 2014.

June 28th my column was dedicated to the passing of my good friend and fellow La Prensa staffer, Joe Sandoval.

I wrote in that column, “The La Prensa family as well as the greater San Antonio media family and friends  are in mourning for veteran San Antonio newsman Joe Sandoval who passed away June 18th from cancer.

“Only a year younger than me, my friend Joe was only 67. In his media career and mine, we worked at some of the same places over the years, but not at the same time. Only at La Prensa for nearly the past five years did we finally work together. For me it was well worth it. He was a great journalist and great mentor as well.”

I went on to point out another commonality we shared was our tours in Viet Nam although at different times. I also noted he graduated from John Kennedy High School in Edgewood ISD in 1967 while I taught in Edgewood ISD 1980-81 at Memorial High School.

Even today I sorely miss my buddy Joe Sandoval.

My May 31st column was entitled, “Well-known Hispanics from SA.” I wrote about local icons such union activist for the United International Farm Workers (UIFW) Jaime Martinez.

I highlighted one of his higher profile accomplishments successfully lobbying city council for over a decade in renaming Durango Boulevard to Cesar Chavez Boulevard after the founder and president of the UIFW.

His diligence along with Chavez (who I interviewed personally in 1982) worked to ensure that union’s basic human rights are not forgotten or abused by the system to earn a decent wage to support their families.

In that column I also mentioned worldwide singing sensation Patsy Torres, PhD. I noted her motivational speaker skills encouraging young Hispanic women to follow their dream of success like she did whether it be in music, science, medicine or other fields of their choosing.

I also wrote about my other personal friends Congressman Charlie Gonzalez, Councilwoman Maria Berriozabal, and long-time activist Rosa Rosales, a well-known champion for immigration reform and Latino issues.

Then there is the most recent November 19th column. It started out,
“Many times us old folks get nostalgic and yearn for the ‘good old days.’  
“As one who has recently survived a heart attack scare on my 69th birthday no less, that got my undivided attention. Not what I had in mind for my birthday. That ‘incident’ definitely gives me a strong desire to return to the good old days. Fortunately the doctor gave me a clean bill of health as far as my heart goes.

“Unfortunately the neurosurgeon did not give me the same prognosis. By the time this a column goes to press I will have undergone back surgery for a herniated disc.”

Well 13 days in the hospital to include rehab, loss of 24 pounds and counting, weeks using a walker and now a cane, I am ready for 2016 and whatever it brings. Hopefully next year’s reflections will be something exciting to write about.

As always, what I write is Just a Thought.

Steve Walker is a Vietnam Veteran, former Journalist and Justice of the Peace.  

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