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Sunday, November 17, 2013

"Just a Thought" Column continues in La Prensa of SA, 11-17

Just a Thought: Good Deeds
By Steve Walker

In last week’s column I wrote about a life long search looking for the missing ingredient needed to determine success or failure. As it turned out, the answer that eluded me for years boiled down to one word. That word happened to be “faith.”

I posed two questions. One related to why some well thought out plans for the starting of a business or a career change fell short of the mark and the other related to marketing strategy for life’s financial or personal aspirations.

By the end of the column I came to the revelation that I understood the missing ingredient. It is so simple yet hard to come by for some of us.

Since my revelation last week I was able to put my “faith” into play. Days after I wrote the column I was headed into HEB to pick up a few things to eat. As I was grabbing a cart to go in and buy snack food, I noticed a man near me was holding on to two bags that he was trying to take out of his cart. The man had only one arm and was struggling to hold on to the bags with his good arm. He was obviously not faring too well as I approached him. Without thinking I asked him if he needed assistance. At first he said “no thank you I think I have it,” but I realized he did not have a good grip on the bags which he was about to lose any moment. 

Realizing he didn’t have it under control, I immediately grabbed his bags which were now slipping out of his good hand before he lost them. Once I had secured them for him he was able to continue to make his way to his car. He thanked me profusely. It gave me a warm feeling that I was able to assist someone in need even if it was only ensuring he didn’t drop his groceries. I began to understand “faith” a little better as being something that leads to success no matter how small or seemingly insignificant.

Then today once again I was in HEB shopping and noticed a woman in an electric cart maneuvering her way down the aisle coming toward me from the opposite direction. She would stop and stretch trying to get an item off a shelf that was somewhat out of her range.

Remembering my last encounter, I approached her and asked her if I could assist her by grabbing the needed item or items for her. She beamed and said, “thank you.” For the next 10 minutes or so we introduced ourselves and socialized and shared a great conversation. We talked about Veteran’s Day coming up and I mentioned I served in Viet Nam. Before I moved on to another aisle she did ask if I could rearrange her basket so she could get more food into it. Not a problem.

As she went on about her business I ran into her two more times in other food aisles. Again we visited. Finally as I was about ready to check out, she said “before I forget, thank you for your service.”  She made my day as well as I hoped I did for her. Apparently the answer is not only “faith” but an extra helping of good deeds.  

And as always, what I write is “Just a Thought.”

Steve Walker is a Vietnam Veteran and former Justice of the Peace and Journalist.

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