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Friday, November 22, 2013

4 ladies share memories about the killing of President JFK, 11-22

When President John Kennedy was shot in Dallas, the President, as everyone knows was rushed to Parkland Hospital in Dallas. Some of the members of Congress in the motorcade, including the late Congressman Henry B. Gonzalez wound up at Parkland.

After his return to Washington, Congressman Gonzalez related to his staff that after the President was shot while he was wondering round in shock, he saw Mrs. Kennedy sitting alone with no one else around her, not even a secret service agent. He went up to her and expressed his sorrow and asked her if she needed anything.

She said, "Yes a glass of water would be nice." The Congressman got her a glass of water through a nurse.

As the Congressman described it, there was one chaotic incident after another before he was informed by secret service that he and other members of Congress would be driven to the airport to go back to D.C.

Another awful and most bizarre thing that occurred at the hospital was a larg brown sack being thrust into his hands by a nurse who told him that the sack contained the clothes of Gov. John Connally and that he was to turn them over to the secret service. when he got back to D.C.

The nurse shot back at him, "If she asked about them, she will be told that the clothes have been turned over to the secret service for analysis.

Anyway for those of you who were not award of this history of Congressman Gonzalez, I hope you found it of interest.

Gail Beagle (Gonzalez Chief of Staff)

Sad memories. I was 17 a student at Sacred Heart of Jesus High School in New Orleans. We heard he was shot during lunch. During Spanish Class, we were told President Kennedy had died.

Since JFK was the 1st Catholic President, I was shocked and horrified that one girl said she was glad that "N" lover was dead!

Dee Villarrubia

The day before he died I took all of my little kids to Brooks Air Force Base, I bought Michelle, Jeff, Mark, and even little Joe who was only one year old a little flag and when he and Jackie passed by we Yelled "Hi Mr. President"

They all were so cute and guess what ... they did everything I told them to do waving those little flags having a blast with Mom. These were the innocent days... little did we know or could imagine what would happen the next day. His was the first campaign I ever had worked on it was the first time I voted.

I remember there was an aura in the bright sun around him. I have never forgotten that nor have I ever seen it again and it has haunted my memory all these years leaving an indelible mark in my heart and a passion for serving my country.

Alice Guerra

 We had just had our first born at BAMC and brought her home on 11/22 we hear on the radio JFK shot and minutes later phone rings, my Tom's military leave cancelled and he has to report to duty at Fort Sam immediately very scary moments for us.

Gloria Uribe

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