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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Photo bonanza at the Cisneros House

L-R: Mary Alice Cisneros addresses the crowd, Henry speaks, Firefighter Union President Richard Steele, Joe Bernal & Bexar County Democratic Party Chair Carla Vela, Mary Alice, Mary Ester Bernal Dan Barrett, & Elaine Guajardo, Roger Perez & wife, Dora Ramos, Jorge Herrera & Ernest Martinez, Choco Mesa, Barbie Scharf-Zeldes, Alice Guerra, JoAnn Ramon & Justin Zeldes

With so many supporters showing up at the Cisneros home on Saturday, January 6th, for the announcement of Mary Alice Cisneros' run for City Council, numerous photos were taken and need not go to waste. Here are some more for the Walker Report.

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