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Friday, March 23, 2018

Support the brave young leaders who are standing up to the NRA

Stand with the young, progressive leaders marching this weekend and fighting on the front lines, demanding an end to senseless gun violence:

Listen -- tomorrow, students from Parkland High School, who lost 17 of their friends in a devastating mass shooting, will lead millions of Americans in a historic moment: A march to end gun violence.

These young leaders embody everything that Opportunity First stands for: When faced with unimaginable tragedy, these extraordinary students -- extraordinary leaders -- are demanding change. By demanding action from their representatives, these young leaders have created a national movement. They have shown overwhelming bravery, leadership, and insurmountable strength.

When our representatives in Washington chose inaction, these young leaders stepped up, and have led a whole nation to fight the NRA.
The movement these young trailblazers have sparked proves that the next generation of leaders is not just a talking point. It shows that they are already here. We must show them our support so they can lead us into the future to a stronger and more just America full of opportunity.

We stand in solidarity with these young leaders. Let’s show them the support they deserve and give them the courage to lead.
The next generation of leaders have arrived --

-The Team at Opportunity First

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