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Monday, December 29, 2014

Republican candidate Nunzio Previtera for State Rep. District 123

We have good news. Republicans have a shot at winning yet another seat back from the Democrats this year! Following the news that Representative Villarreal would be stepping down to run for Mayor of San Antonio, SREC SD-26 Committeeman Nunzio Previtera jumped into the race as the only Republican to fill the empty seat. 

The special election for this seat is just Eight Days away! And we need your help in San Antonio to blockwalk or you can make calls from your home anywhere in the state.

We cannot waste time as early voting has already started and ends on Friday! If you live in House District 123, click here to find out where you can vote and when:

If you would like to block walk in Bexar County, contact the Previtera campaign on Facebook

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