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Saturday, December 01, 2012

6th & final posting on over 500 Dems. @ Watts house, 11-30

L-R: Judge Larry Noll with Judge-Elect David Canales, Tax-Assessor Elect Albert Uresti with wife, Linda Thompson, Marci Trevino with fiance, Todd Hedley with Joseph Nazaroff, Maclovio Perez with wife, Mark Trevino & friend, Brenda & Chris Garcia, Tony Mandujano & son, Sylvia Mendelsohn, Judge Ron Rangel, Bill Merriman, Irene Whitt, former Councilman Mario Salas with wife, Sarwat Husain, Patsy Noll, SBOE-Elect Marisa Perez & boyfriend, Judge-elect Gloria Saldana with daughter, Milton Fagin, Judge Johnny Gabriel with wife, Rita, Chris Forbrich, Taj, Matthews with wife, Christian Archer with 4th Ct. of Appeals Chief Justice Catherine Stone, Judge Mary Roman, Commissoner Tommy Adkisson, Judge David Rodriguez with wife, Karen Adkisson, Sylvia Don, Frank Burney with wife, ACCD Board Members Dr. Yvonne JKatz & Anna Bustamante, Jeannette Hernandez, Dee Villarubia, Jamie Lewis, State Sen. Carlos Uresti with wife, Lleanne, Firefighter's Union President Chris Steele with daughter

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