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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Message from Atty Gen. Greg Abbott on Veteran's Day

Today we honor the bravery and sacrifice of all veterans-the men and women who selflessly answered the call of duty out of pure devotion to the cause of freedom

Although the valor of our veterans can never be fully captured in words, observances, or tributes, we know America would not be free if they were not brave. America is the freest and greatest nation on the face of the earth because of the military service of generations past. These warriors have freed millions from oppression, risking their lives in the trenches of Europe, on the high seas and remote Pacific islands, in the desert sands of the Middle East, and in the jungles and mountains of Asia.

To all veterans, we offer the gratitude of a great nation, and our best wishes for a long and peaceful life enjoyed amidst the freedom they helped secure.

God Bless our wonderful country, and the military heroes who have protected it!

Greg Abbott

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