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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Rachel van Os for Bexar County Clerk "Meet & Greet", 1-20

Notes from a Texas Patriot
David Van Os
Rachel van Os

It is always exciting when a person who truly understands that government belongs to the people decides to accept one of the highest duties of citizenship and offer herself to the voters as a candidate for public service.

If you remember my candidacy for Attorney General of Texas in 2006, you may know that I travelled personally to every one of the 254 county seats of this vast state and placed my vision of a proper Attorney General before the public at every county courthouse in order to make the moral statement that everybody counts and the political process belongs to every citizen. You may also remember that my wife, Rachel Barrios-Van Os, traveled with me and joined every step of the way in our mission to take the political process to the people.

What you may not know is that it was Rachel who first came up with the idea of my going to every county courthouse in Texas in order to take politics back to the people.

Rachel is passionate in her belief that government belongs to all the people. She is one of the most unvarnished authentic populists I have ever known. She inspires me every day in her zeal for true democracy and equality.

Rachel believes from the depths of her being that every public official is supposed to remember always that the office they hold belongs not to them personally, but to the people.

And now, she has decided to offer herself for public service to the citizens of Bexar County as a candidate for the office of County Clerk of Bexar County. Rachel offers her passionate devotion to the ideal of government of, by, and for the people. She offers honor, integrity, and accountability to the citizens.

For Rachel's many friends across Texas, I know you are as excited as I am about the prospect of Rachel serving the public with her honest love for citizen-owned government. If you live in the vicinity of San Antonio, please join her in a "meet and greet" on January 20th @ Picante Grill Restaurant, 3810 Broadway, from 5-8 p.m.

Rachel, the restaurant, and friends will be hosting a buffet dinner at no charge to you. Rachel and I both would love to see you there.

Rachel has two opponents in the Democratic Primary, then a Republican incumbent in the general election. If you would like to contact Rachel, she can be reached at or 210-332-7080.

The campaign mailing address is 158 Brees Blvd., San Antonio, TX 78209.
Thank you for your attention and your courtesy in permitting me this opportunity to use an issue of Notes from a Texas Patriot to tell the truth about my spouse and best friend,
Rachel Barrios-Van Os.

David Van Os

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