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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Lyle Larson to run for Congressional District 23

Joe Solis (photo)
Report and Commentary
South Texas Republicans

It is almost official. Commissioner Lyle Larson has told a well-connected activist that he will definitely be running for the Congressional District 23 position. This is the seat that was once held by Republican Henry Bonilla. It is currently being occupied by Congressman Ciro Rodriguez. It looks like Lyle has made a choice. Commissioner Larson will be on the ballroom dance floor soon.

The stage is set for a wonderful performance to be viewed and influenced by all of the players: activists, journalists, donors, voters, political bosses and business types. Who will go on as the Republican general election candidate? It will be your turn to vote soon.

There will now be two dancers on the floor: Mr. Quico Canseco and Mr. Lyle Larson. We will decide who gets voted off the dance floor. This is going to be fun and exciting. Let me tell you why.

The voters and grassroots activists have to make a primary election decision based on two factors:

1) Who can defeat Congressman Rodriguez in the entire district? District 23 is enormous and it is very diverse. That will be the key. Who can take on Ciro in 2008 and take the whole enchilada? Speaker Nancy Pelosi will be in San Antonio on the 17th for a fundraiser benefiting Congressman Ciro Rodriquez. Democrats are not going to let this seat go without a fight. Again, who can take on Ciro next year and Win? That is a key question.

2) What kind of leader do we want to represent us? This will be challenging one for all of us. Why? We will have to ask these candidates some very tough questions. What kind of leaders will they be? How will they lead? What are their values and beliefs? I can tell you that a candidate who is Not independent and conservative will have a challenge.

The grassroots is tired of Republicans who get elected and go to work for special interests instead of the people.

This newsletter is the first to confirm that Commissioner Lyle Larson is unofficially in the race for the 23rd Congressional District. We intend to be a dependable source for information about this exciting race.

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