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Saturday, February 23, 2008

An updated message from Congressional candidate Lyle Larson

Lyle Larson (photo)
Republican candidate for Congress

Welcome to campaign updates from The Lyle Larson for Congress Campaign.
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It's Your Turn...

On March 4th, you will be selecting the Republican nominee for one of the most contested congressional races in the country.

Lyle Larson is proud to present his "platform" for your consideration. The Campaign is confident that his platform best represents the constituents of Congressional District 23 and it encourages you to go out and vote for Lyle Larson now!

Early Voting began on Tuesday, February 19th and ends Friday, February 29th. Election Day is Tuesday, March 4th.

Holding Washington Accountable...

Lyle Larson has cut property tax rates, frozen taxes for senior citizens and turned down all pay raises while in office.

Securing the Border...
Texas Congressional District 23 includes more than 600 miles of the United States/Mexico border, yet the nation's immigration policies are being shaped by people in places far away from the border. As your congressman, Lyle Larson will bring the responsibility - to Texas.

Caring For Our Veterans...
Washington has a moral responsibility to provide the best healthcare in the world for our veterans here at home and our wounded warriors returning from the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan. Lyle Larson will make sure we provide the resources to take care of these young men and women when they come home.

Lyle Larson is pro life and he values the sanctity of every human life. Part of his belief arises from the fact that two of his best friends were adopted at a very young age. As a County Commissioner, Lyle Larson pushed for funding of two programs Project Swift and Project Push. These programs streamlined and expedited the public adoption process. In just 3 years, Bexar County increased the number of adoptions by 300% and now leads the nation in adoptions.

Lyle Larson has a strong track record of cutting taxes. He insisted that the Commissioners Court cut the County tax rate 7 of the last 12 years saving taxpayers over $500 million dollars. He led the fight to freeze taxes for seniors while increasing the senior homestead exemption. These two programs save seniors over $77 million annually.

He fully supports the simplification of the tax code and the Fair Tax seems to address the complex system we are currently operating under. Also, he believes the use of a consumption tax that is paid by every consumer is a good approach to taxation. He is also in favor of eliminating the death tax, extending the tax cuts that are set to expire, and eliminating earmarks entirely in order to balance the budget.

Lyle Larson believes in traditional marriage; a union between a man and a woman.

Immigration and the Border...
Lyle Larson has a multi faceted approach to addressing the issues of border security and illegal immigration. He will not support amnesty for anyone who has entered the United States illegally.

Finally, he would like to see the expansion of the Farm Visa program into other industries such as hospitality, food service and construction. Providing a legal mechanisms for individuals to return to their home country and re-enter the U.S. provided they are sponsored by a qualified employer is the best way to address our workforce needs.
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