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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

As Primary gets closer, Quico needs volunteers for Election Day

Quico Canseco (photo)
Republican candidate for Congress, Dist. 23

Hard to believe that a almost a year has passed in this campaign and there is still almost a year to go!

In order to win the 23rd District back for Conservatives we must first put the finishing touches on this primary so we can really get down to business and win this seat back for Conservative Republican values.

Will you be able to help?

1. Phone calling
There are thousands of voters across the district who need to be reminded to vote and vote conservative! If you can help make calls from your home, at your convenience and at your own pace please let me know.

2. Block-walking
Quico’s door-to-door, grassroots campaigning continues Everyday including, of course, this weekend. Whether you are able to walk with Quico this weekend or would like to walk your own neighborhood please let me know and I can provide you with details and materials.

3. Poll Dressing
Would you be able to put signs out at your neighborhood polling location on the night of the 3rd? If you can, I will have signs delivered this week.

4. Poll greeting
This involves simply greeting people at your nearest polling location and encouraging them one last time to vote for their conservative candidate for Congress Quico Canseco!

Thanks for helping Quico win!

Kyle Whatley
Quico Canseco for Congress

PH 210.251.3334
FX 210.579.6979

For information or to help the campaign please visit us at

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