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Saturday, February 23, 2008

52 candidates sign the Defending the American Dream Pledge

Peggy Venable (photo)

More than 50 candidates have pledged to Defend the American Dream, Fifty-two candidates have already signed the Defending the American Dream pledge.

Click here to find out if candidates in your area are among them!If not, we need your help. Encourage candidates to sign the Defending the American Dream Pledge to give taxpayers control over how much government grows beyond the increase in population and inflation, and to end the practice of using tax dollars to lobby.

We will continue to update the list of pledge signers on our website..AFP is focused this year on taxpayer protections and empowering taxpayers -- all under our "Good Government" agenda. But let's face it - government goes to those who show up.

Voters need to show up at townhall meetings, on candidate websites, and in forums to ask questions. Will 2008 be the year of the taxpayer - and taxpayer protections - or the year of the tax-and-spenders? It's up to you.

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