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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Charlie Urbina Jones issues denial of YouTube comment

Charlie Urbina Jones (photo)
Progressive Populist Caucus Chair

Thursday, February 28th

It has come to my attention, via numerous calls and emails, this morning that someone has created a YouTube account using my name to endorse Brent De La Paz for County Chair. While I have spoken with Mr. De La Paz on several occasions and I do believe he will be an asset to the party as we continue to build on the foundation that our current Chair, Carla Vela, has created in the past two years. I have not given my support to Mr. De La Paz nor have I ever made any glowing statements regarding Mario Bravo’s campaigning ability.

It is obvious that someone has taken my views of Mr. De La Paz out of context. And I wanted to clarify this misrepresentation of my views since I have and do continue to support our current County Chair,
Carla Vela.

Over the past two years Carla and our CEC have rebuilt our party from nothing. When she took office the Bexar County party was close to $300,000 in debt; with no office or physical assets and sporadic financial support. Today our party has a fully functioning office, is debt free with over $20,000 in the bank and we have a steady stream of financial support. It is because of these tremendous strides taken by our Chair and CEC that I fully support Carla in her re-election bid.

I would also request that whoever has created a user account in my name to please disable it. While it is rather flattering that someone thinks I am 49 years old, I’m not, I’ll just take it as a compliment to their ignorance and haste in which they did this.

Democratically yours,
Charlie Urbina-Jones
SDEC Committee Member, 26
Progressive Populist Caucus Chairman

The comment that Charlie Urbina Jones disavows is on the following link.


Anonymous said...

Too bad. I thought Charlie had some sense knocked into him. Too bad the post is down already, too. Que caballero Brent! Rock the Vote De La Paz!!

Anonymous said...

¡que bofo!