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Monday, February 18, 2008

Texas Democratic Delegate Selection Process

Texas Delegate Selection Process

Texas will send a total of 228 delegates to the Democratic National Convention. Texas delegates are determined as follows:

126 Pledged Senatorial District Level Delegates - (“Primary Selected Delegates”) 126 delegates will be assigned based on primary results in 31 State Senate Districts. (Texas allocates delegates based on its Senate Districts, not Congressional Districts like many states) The number of delegates from each Senate district varies based on Democratic turnout in the last two general elections. The delegates from each Senate District are assigned to candidates proportionally based on the percentages they receive on primary day.

Quick Facts
  • Senate District delegates are pledged delegates (They are pledged to vote for whom they are assigned)

  • Senate District delegates are assigned proportionally based on primary election results in the Senate District on March 4 th , 2008

  • Senate Districts are allocated between 2 and 8 delegates based on Democratic voter turnout in the 2004 and 2006 General Elections

  • A candidate must win at least 15% of the vote in the Senate District to win a delegate -

  • 42 At-Large Pledged Delegates and 25 Pledged Party Leader Delegates - (“Caucus Selected Delegates”)

  • These 67 delegates are assigned based on the presidential preference of the delegates who attend the State Convention on June 6th, a process that begins at Precinct Conventions (similar to a caucus) held on the night of the March 4th primary, followed by conventions held at the County or Senate District level March 29th.

  • All 67 delegates are assigned to candidates based on delegate sign in at the State Convention.

  • 42 of the delegates will be elected as At-Large Delegates at the State Convention and 25 are chosen based on their position as a state/local elected official or Democratic Party official.

Quick Facts
  • These 67 are all pledged delegates

  • The Caucus is held in 3 stages – the Precinct Convention, County or Senate District Convention and the State Convention

  • The number of delegates is based on the number of people who voted in the 2006 General Election

  • The percentage of delegates assigned to a candidate is based on the percentage of people who sign in (caucus) for a candidate at each step of the process, culminating with the presidential preference of delegates to the State Convention

  • A candidate must win 15% of the vote in the Senate District to win a delegate

  • 32 Super Delegates and 3 Unpledged Delegates - ( “Super Delegates” )

  • Texas’ 32 Super Delegates are made up of Members of Congress, Members of the DNC, past House Speakers and former DNC Chairs.

  • The 3 unpledged delegates (Add-Ons) are chosen by virtue of their extraordinary efforts on behalf of Democratic causes and the Texas Democratic Party

  • These delegates can vote for whomever they choose

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