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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

JP.Pct. 2 candidate Walker endorsed by San Antonio Toll Party

San Antonio Toll Party
Announces Primary Election Endorsements to include JP Pct. 2. Place 1 candidate Steve Walker (photo) ) (see below)

(For contested primaries only. Note two "Good Guys" have contested primary races in Houston.)

We base endorsements on a candidate survey given to each candidate asking them to sign onto our legislative agenda, which also helps us gauge a candidate's level of support of our efforts. We also factored in who voted for and against SB 792 ( and who each candidate is running against, since it's a given that our goal is to un-seat tollers.
US Congress
Both candidates in this race claim to be anti-toll, so we gave each a rating to help folks judge who to vote for.

Dist. 23
Quico Canseco (Grade A)
Lyle Larson (Grade D), though Larson has been a supporter in the past, he’s taken money from Zachry, taken sides with tollers Sheila McNeil, Frank Corte, and Jeff Wentworth (all of whom have voted to toll his district), and hired Zachry's PR firm (KGB) that's part of one of the consortiums bidding on the 281 toll road ( Make your own judgments about where Larson stands. Follow the money!
Railroad Commissioner
Dale Henry (his opponent, Art Hall, repeatedly voted to toll at the MPO)
State Senator
(All current State Senators voted for the Governor's counterfeit moratorium bill, SB 792, that unleashed market-based tolls
Read more here)
Rene Barrientos, Dist 21 - Democrat, who is still in the race (to unseat toller Judith Zaffirini)

State Representative
Garnet Coleman, Dist 147 - Democrat (Houston area)
Jessica Farrar, Dist. 148 - Democrat (Houston area)
Tony Kosub, Dist 122 - Republican (to unseat toller Frank Corte)
Nathan Macias, Dist 73 - Republican (Stalwart hero of our anti-toll efforts)

Bexar County Commissioner
Robert Tejeda, Precinct 1 - Democrat (to unseat toller Chico Rodriguez)
Justice of the Peace, Pct. 2, Place 1
Steve Walker (not a race where we usually weigh in, but Mr. Walker is publisher of the
Walker Report and a Big supporter of the Toll Party)

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