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Monday, February 18, 2008

Lyle Larson touts his endorsement from the Express-News

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San Antonio Express News Endorses Lyle Larson...

It is campaign endorsement time and the San Antonio Express News has announced its endorsement of Lyle Larson for Congress.

Here is the headline of its endorsement:
Editorial: Larson Right choice for GOP in Dist. 23.

Endorsement Excerpts...

Here are some excerpts from the endorsement:
"We recommend Larson. He is by far the best prepared contender for the congressional seat."
"During his tenure in county government, Larson has worked to help the community cope with military base realignment as chairman of the Military Transformation Task Force."

"Larson's years in government have given him an intimate knowledge of many issues facing the congressional district and experience in turning policy goals into reality."

"Larson's nomination would give the GOP its best shot at regaining the 23rd Congressional District post, and we urge primary voters to cast their ballots for him."

Click here to read the entire endorsement...

Grass Roots Endorsements...
The Lyle Larson for Congress Campaign is also proud to announce that hundreds of grassroots constituents have stepped forward and have publicly announced their endorsement of Lyle Larson for Congress.

Click here to review the current list of endorsements...

You Can Help The Campaign...

You can help the Campaign by forwarding this email to your friends, neighbors and colleagues. It's quite simple -- just click on the following graphic:

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