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Thursday, February 28, 2008

A new message from Candidate Chris Milam for Sheriff

Chris Milam (photo)
Republican candidate for Sheriff of Bexar County

It has been a long 15 Months on the Campaign trail of “Milam for Sheriff,” and the primary is almost here. We intend to send a message with a Decisive Victory, that people in San Antonio and Bexar County are ready for a New Sheriff.

We need a Sheriff in Bexar County with Leadership, Vision and Accountability of its citizen’s public funds entrusted to the office of Sheriff.

In order to win this election and put business first, we need a Conservative Republican. We need your help. If you are tired of mismanagement, corruption from past Administrators let you voice be heard. Please take time and use your constitutional right to cast your vote on Tues March 4, 2008, for Chris Milam for Sheriff. I have a message for past administrators at the Sheriff’s Office.

Gentleman the Vacation is over.

Its time to come home from the Golf Trips, Las Vegas Conventions, and Country Club atmosphere, all paid with your Tax Dollar! Its time to get back to the business of running the Sheriff’s Office. We need your help.

1. Call a friend and family members.You need to call your friends and family and remind them to go vote. Your vote counts and its 10 times more valuable then ever in the Primary Election. There are thousands of voters across the district who need to be reminded to vote and vote conservative!

2. Block-walking

Your Candidate Chris Milam will be block walking door-to-door, getting out the vote this weekend. If you want to participate with Chris this weekend please let us know and we will provide you with details and materials.

3. Poll Dressing

Would you be able to put signs out at your neighborhood polling location on the night of Monday March 3, 2008? If you can, we will have signs delivered this week.

4. Poll greeting

This involves simply greeting people at your nearest polling location and encouraging them one last time to vote for their conservative candidate Chris Milam for Sheriff.Thank you for your Support.

Chris Milam
Your Candidate for Bexar County Sheriff.

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