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Monday, September 07, 2020

Back in the Day, 2013, I wrote this on my pending 67th birthday

September 7th 2013
Thursday I turn 67! Anticipating my old age I recall some of my more memorable birthdays. My 24th was in Vietnam. Lots of fireworks. My 25th I stolled down the Champse Elysee in Paris. Cool. Parlez Vous Francais? My 26th I was at the 72 Olympics where they killed the Israeli athletes. NOt so good. My 34th I was drinking coca cola with Arabs in Cairo Egypt while backpacking. I failed to mention to them my father was Jewish! Whew. My 65th birthday which was also Labor Day (every 6 years) I qualified for social security and medicare. Thanks alot. and this birthday the City of SA will vote on an anti-discrimination ordinance that could end up discriminating against gays or religious folk depending on the outcome. What an exciting life. Who knew? And I used to look like this as a thin teacher.

'I coulda been somebody. I coulda had class."

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