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Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Efforts underway to make Harassment Training Available Statewide

Harassment Training
Efforts underway to make Harassment Training Available Statewide

(San Antonio, Texas) –Nationally, there has been unprecedented reports, allegations and admissions of improper sexual harassment across all industries. In support of high standards of professional behavior for those seeking elected office, Trey Martinez Fischer has sent a formal request to Gilberto Hinojosa, Chairman of the Texas Democratic Party to implement and require sexual harassment training for all Democratic candidates seeking election. In addition, he’s asked that a public harassment policy for all Democratic candidates be created and implemented to follow within their respective campaigns.

Martinez Fischer has tasked two exceptional individuals to lead this initiative. They include Elisa Bernal, an attorney and former Human Resources Director for the City of San Antonio and Alejandra Villarreal, an attorney and former Chief Administrative Officer for the San Antonio Housing Authority. The women will also offer the harassment training for all Bexar County elected officials and candidates in the near future.The training will be based on existing governmental policies and best practices from both the private and public sector.  Martinez Fischer is also exploring ways to provide the training state-wide via webcast so that others will avail themselves of this necessary training.

“Sexual harassment, and any other form of workplace harassment is never acceptable,” said Trey Martinez Fischer. “No industry is immune from the obligation to maintain a professional and productive work environment. I believe we should do all we can to train candidates and officeholders about this issue and reinforce the expectation of high standards of professional behavior.”
  1. About Trey Martinez Fischer                                 
Often outnumbered by his opponents, Trey Martinez Fischer quickly became known as the Democratic leader who wouldn’t back down from his convictions — using his legislative skills to stand up for children over special interests, for veterans and for the disabled have become legendary.  After Republicans cut education funding in 2011 by $5.4 billion dollars, Martinez Fischer was the lead negotiator that restored $3.9 billion dollars to Texas schools. For his accomplishment the Texas Classroom Teachers Association honored him with the prestigious Friend of Education Award. 

Martinez Fischer was also recognized as one of the best lawmakers in state for three consecutive sessions.  He was named one of the “10 Best Legislators” by Texas Monthly Magazine in both 2013 and 2015 an honor given to only 10 Legislators out of 181 and considered one of the highest honors a lawmaker can receive in the Texas Legislature.  In 2011, Texas Monthly named him The Bull of the Brazos” for his fierce advocacy.  In selecting him for this award, the magazine stated, “without TMF (Trey Martinez Fischer) the Democrats would have had no champion at all.”

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