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Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Meet/Greet judicial candidates Crouch, Brown & Wright, 10-1

L-R: Judge Genie Wright, judicial candidates Celeste Brown & former Judge Karen Crouch, judicial candidates Celeste Brown, Karen Crouch, Judge Genie Wright, Walker Report Editor & former Judge Steve Walker with former Judge Karen Crouch, Norma LaHood with judicial candidate Celeste Brown, Judge Genie Wright, former Judge Tim Johnson, Judge Genie Wright Johnson's son, judicial candidate Karen Crouch, judicial candidates Karen Crouch, Jason Garrahan & Celeste Brown, Judge David Rodriguez & wife, Judge Michael LaHood & wife, Norma, judicial candidates Jason Garrahan, Susan Skinner & Stephani Walsh, supporters, signs, Alan Castro, Gina Aaron. judicial candidate Jason Garrahan with photographer Raz Hernandez, Alan Castro, Judge Genie Wright & former Judge Tim Johnson

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