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Saturday, December 14, 2013

AFL-CIO, Probation Officer's Party @ Columbus Society, 12-13

L-R: Judge Waldon Shelton with Walker Report Editor & former Judge Steve Walker, judicial candidate Rosie Gonzalez, Judges Michael LaHood, & Ray Olivarri, Firefighter's Union President Chris Steele, former AFL-CIO Vice President Linda Chavez Thompson, judicial candidates Susan Skinner, Julie Wright with husband, & Paul Vasquez, Councilwoman Rebecca Viagran, Judge Carlos Key & wife, judicial candidate John Bustamante, Judges Jason Puliam & Waldon Shelton, Judge Pulliam with Sheri Simonelli,Judge Shelton with Probation Offficer's Association President Sheri Simonelli, Norma LaHood with child, attendees, Christopher Columbus Society
Editor's Note: As a retired English Teacher, Judge Walden Shelton was one of my former 7th grade students when he was 12!!!

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