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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Day 6 of early voting in Republican/Democratic Primary, 2-21

Primary Election, March 1st, 2016

Ballots cast this date 02/21/2016

Early Voting LocationsDaily
Total Votes
Total Votes
Total Votes
Total Votes
Total Votes
Total Votes
Bexar County Elections1320421757378
Bexar County Justice Center05785780299299
Brookhollow Library9879889618018111991
Claude Black Center3148651721820
Cody Library 11087198184846930
Converse City Hall2625127724217241
Copernicus Community Center421521924345
East Central ISD Admin1284969142151
Encino Branch Library5423028463724787
Fair Oaks Ranch City Hall1211212435474509
Great Northwest Library 6871878661686747
Henry A Guerra, Jr. Library4748453117265282
John Igo Library7652660288668756
Johnston Library3231234417285302
Julia Yates Semmes Library50628678939941087
Las Palmas Library3785989668490
Leon Valley city Hall1220621811185196
Lion's Field101901100271746817
Maury Maverick Library8572480948732780
McCreless Library4562567014229243
Memorial Library2445648086977
Mission Library3539943413128141
Northside Activity Center2651353921274295
Olmos Park City Hall4329934242456498
Parman Library @ Stone Oak503854351389901128
Precinct 1 Satellite Office1828930717475
Shavano Park City Hall3128631785850935
Somerset High School4576136972
South Park Mall7364571816201217
Tobin Library @ Oakwell555836387910811160
Universal City City Hall2024226227462489
University of Texas at San Antonio266807064189193
Windcrest Takas Park 3829233022339361
Wonderland of the Americas@Crossroads1261386151261551612
Total in Person1482163241780613501525416604

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