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Monday, February 12, 2007

Walker Report upgrades & adds new masthead

L-R: Editor Steve Walker, Blogmaster Robert Castaneda, Masthead creator & CEO of GTO Advertising, Alice Guerra

The Walker Report is under renovation of sorts. Established in June 2006, the blog has come a long way since its inception as a Bexar County Democratic link on the Bexar County Democratic Party website.

Originallly created to strictly promote Democratic candidates, the Walker Report has expanded its coverage to include all sorts of community events, elected officials, non-partisan races, civil rights groups, neighborhood types of actitivities, arts and entertainment and even church affiliated activities. While there is no intent to single out or promote any one brand of religion, church related events are no longer off limits.

The intent of the Walker Report is to offer some sort of coverage of activites that normally are not covered by the local mainstream media. Walker Report is about people, all kinds of people.

Democrats and Democratic events will still be covered as will Latino events like the Cesar Chavez March for Justice, Latino Breakfast, African-American events, continuation of coverage of the Dr. Martin Luther King March and any event related to it, Black History Month and other minority related events.

Alice Guerra, CEO of GTO Advertising has graciously created a masthead for the Walker Report. Her Art Director Michael Garcia has implemented it. Thanks to Alice Guerra who supports the concept of the Walker Report. Also thanks to Robert Castaneda who is the mastermind behind the technical support for the blog.

Let everyone know that the Walker Report is here to stay and hopefully in some way communicate your story in photos. Walker Report is primarily a photo blog. Remember the old adage, "A picture is worth a thousand words." Let the photos do the talking.

Steve Walker
Editor of the Walker Report
a.k.a. Balcones Heights City Councilman

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Le Lowry said...

I like the upgrades and new look, keep up the good work. . . and to think I started my blog before you.