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Friday, February 23, 2007

San Antonio Lightning Editor R.G. Griffing covered in the San Antonio Current & Walker Report

R.G. Griffing (photo)
SA Lightning Editor
& SA Mayoral candidate

Taken from the pages of the San Antonio Current

Last week also marked the launch of R.G. Griffing’s mayoral campaign. He’s editor and publisher of our favorite local conservative news site,

A few weeks back, Griffing rang the Queque to complain that the Express-News won’t carry his advertisements ($14,000-worth according to his campaign website

According to Griffing it’s because he once said “don’t believe what you read in the Express-News.” The E-N didn’t return our calls. If we were talking broadcast instead of print media, they’d find themselves under FCC scrutiny because it certainly smells like corporate influence affecting content.

Of course, as much as we sympathize with Griffing, we’ve yet to see him place an ad in our fine rag. Send news tips to©San Antonio Current 2007

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