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Sunday, December 09, 2007

Conservatives gather @ Cha Cha's to view Republican debate

L-R: Hispanic Conservative Republicans Anais Biera & Marcos Jasso, Nelson Balido & wife & daughters, Blanca Solis & daughter Maggie, Anais Biera, State Board Member Ken Mercer, Chis Burchell, Bexar County Sheriff candidate Chris Milam, President of the College Republicans @Trinity Allan Otto, & Chair of Young Conservatives of Texas @ UTSA Laura Elizabeth Morales, Steve Sayler & Walker Report Blogger Joe Solis, Republican Congessional District 23 candidate Quico Canseco, Nelson Balido & Joe Solis' daughters,(red-Solis) attendees, KWEX-41 Reporter Arantxa Loizaga, Loizaga interviewing Nelson Balido

Over thirty Conservatives & Republicans gathered at Cha Cha's across from the Medical Center to view the Univision Republican Presidential candidates forum in Miami, Sunday, December 9th.

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Allen said...

To clarify, Laura Morales is the Chairman of the Young Conservatives of Texas at UTSA, and Allen Otto is the President of the College Republicans at Trinity University.

Thanks for being out there!