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Monday, December 31, 2007

Stoli Playhouse presents "Enchanted Princess & the Please"

Steven Stoli (photo)

Enchanted Princess and the Please
adapted and directed by maryclaire becan

Princess Suzy has a problem! At her birth, a horrible spell was cast upon her, making her the rudest and worst-mannered princess in the land! In our story, her father, King Henry, has invited several princes to come seek Princess Suzy's hand in marriage.

According to the royal rules, Princess Suzy must be married soon if she is to become queen, but each of the seven princes who come to the palace leaves when he discovers just how rude the princess can be! It's up to Prince Rodney, with the help of Bosko the BackYard Pup and the children in the audience, to help Princess Suzy learn how to behave!

Will true love be able to break the horrible curse? Stars Ryan Ripley, Mary Claire Becan, JR Guajardo and Terrie Becan.

Steven Stoli’s BackYard Theatre presents “Enchanted Princess and the Please, " Wednesday & Thursday @ 10 a.m., Saturday @ 11 a.m., Saturday, Jan. 12th thru Feb. 16th @ 11838 Wurzbach @ Lockhill Selma.

Prices: Kids....$6.75, Adults...$6.25, Groups.....6.25 Tax Exempt ………. $5.75 For more information, please call (210)408-0116.

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