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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Walker Report recaps & highlights 2007 Year

Steve Walker (photo)
Walker Report Publisher/Editor

2007 was an interesting and exciting year for the Walker Report. Photos of celebrities, Presidential candidates, media, local elected officials, candidates & most importantly, every day working people were highlighted and featured on the photo blog. Close ups of anybody and everybody is the standard set by Walker Report.

In September, Walker Report added three bloggers, Joe Solis, Gladia Hollis Deering & Robert Castaneda, to the staff due to the limitations set by judicial standards for Editor Steve Walker who is actively seeking the Justice of the Peace, Pct. 2 seat. Judicial conduct prohibits Walker from posting political photos but not any other photos of people or events that are not of a political nature.

The original intent of the Walker Report was political partisanship covering and promoting all events pertaining to Democrats. That focus did not last long as it was determined by the editor that it was too restrictive, biased and left out too many segments of the community that were contributing to the well-being of Bexar County.

We have evolved as a photo blog. Our masthead reflects that position and states, “Covering the Pulse of San Antonio," "Shedding Light on Bexar County.” We take those two statements seriously.

Once the Walker Report reset the parameters to include the Republicans and eventually to include all communities to include the arts, sports, neighborhoods, religion, business, sports with a neutral stance, the Walker Report exploded into the success it now enjoys. We are closing in on 130-thousand views since January. We are now a political, community blog.

It has been reiterated on a constant basis that Walker Report is a family-oriented photo blog. We hold true to that promise. We do not do “gotcha” photos and do not attempt to make anyone look bad. We let you do that yourself!!

We disseminate information in an upbeat and positive attitude. We allow no trash or bash, personal attacks and refuse to post photos with people holding alcohol or cigarettes in their hands. We don’t judge people who smoke or drink, we just don’t post a photo of anyone doing it.

We are ready for 2008 with great anticipation and excitement that we will be able to cover all the events that people inform us about. Look to see Walker Report at your next event and smile, you just might show up on the Walker Report.

Enjoy a journey down memory lane as we highlight the best of the year 2007. We give you our top 20 political & non-political headlines and lots more. Check it out.

Steve Walker
Walker Report Publisher/Editor

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