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Monday, December 31, 2007

T.J. Connolly wishes everyone a "Happy New Year"

T.J. Connolly (photo)

Happy New Year!!!

In early 1865, shortly following his swearing-in to his second term as President of the United States, President Abraham Lincoln was asked to reflect on his legacy. This of a man who had freed the slaves, fought the Confederate Army and won, and was looking ahead to bringing a divided nation back together.

Abraham Lincoln had lost more political races than he had ever won. He had faced personal tragedy immeasurable for most that had held that office. And he had presided over a war that tore a still young nation apart. He was now asked to define his legacy. He told the reporter that he preferred to leave the writing of his legacy to historians fifty years into the future.

He did say though that he wished he would be remembered for what he had done for his local community back in Illinois. “I like to see a man and woman proud of the place in which they live. I like to see a man and woman who live in a way, so that their community will be proud of them.”

In 2008, let’s all work and pledge to not only succeed in our personal and professional lives, spending more time with our families, but live our lives in a way that, in President Lincoln’s words,” that their community will be proud of them,”All the best and a Happy 2008.

T.J. Connolly

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