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Monday, December 31, 2007

The very last posting of Walker Report for 2007

Steve Walker (photo)
Walker Report Publisher/Editor

With less than 30 minutes left in 2007, Walker Report wishes everyone a prosperous year in 2008. We look forward to covering all the up coming events that we are informed about. We ask you to send us your information ahead of time so that we can promote your happening.

Be it of religious nature, a sports event, a neighborhood association meeting, a school related happening, a political fundraiser, a late breaking story, birthday, graduation, an old fashioned party, an awards gala, special honor, anniversary, or whatever, let us know and we will cover it if possible. If not, you take the photos and send them to us and we will post your photos.

A constant reminder on photos. Get close up (closer the better) so we can actually see who is being photographed. We want to see pearly whites and wide grins! No photos of drinks or cigarettes showing, and no gotcha shots. As we continually point out, we are a family blog and children do check out the Walker Report. We are committed to that concept as our four person staff includes a retired teacher with grand kids, an active current teacher raising a grand daughter, a father of two young daughters who view the blog and one former student of the retired teacher who embraces family values. We take no prisoners on that point.

Again, Happy New Year.

Walker Report Staff Robert Castaneda, Gladia Hollis Deering, Joe Solis, & Publisher Steve Walker

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