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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Chris Milam officially files for Bexar County Sheriff

Chris Milam (photo)
Republican Primary Sheriff candidate

“As a Republican Candidate for Sheriff I have been campaigning for 14 months ready to take on the former Sheriff, who has since resigned.

I felt that we had a great chance of being elected to the Sheriffs position, but now, as the Leading Republican on the Ballot we are in an excellent position to win this election!

I feel that I have been given a chance as “Candidate for Sheriff” to restore the public trust and bring back accountability to the Bexar County Sheriffs Office.

I have spoken with, and obtained numerous personal commitments from the Republican Grass Roots, as well as many citizens who deserve the best service we can provide.

I “Chris Milam” look forward to serving as your Sheriff of Bexar County, an agency that will strive to be a responsive, cutting edge organization, and will integrate the vision of all of its citizens, and employees, while building a good working relationship with all of its officials.

Happy New Years and God Bless,
Chris Milam

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