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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Dr. Manny Berriozabal receives UTSA award

L-R: Dr. Manny Berriozabal, Berriozabal & wife, Maria, UTSA President Dr. Ricardo Romo & Dr. Manny Berriozabal, Dr. Richard Gambitta, Gambitta with wife, Sheri, Gambitta with wife & son, Dr. Ricardo Romo, attendees, Dr. Mahesh Senagala & Dr. Dhiraj Sardar, other honorees, Berriozabal's Inovation in Education Award

Math professor Dr. Manny Berriozabal along with Political Science professor Dr. Richard Gambitta and other professors at UTSA received various distinguished awards during a ceremony honoring a number of faculty, Thursday, May 3rd at the Richard Liu Auditorum in the business building at the 1604 campus.

Berriozabal received the Chancellor's Council Inovation in Education Award, while Gambitta received the Teaching Excellence: Tenured Faculty Award.

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