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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Diane Cibrian fundraiser at Giraud Club-May 23rd

Diane Cibrian & Doug Ponek, Diane & Kim Bowers, Diane & Gloria Sanchez

Dear Friend,

You are invited to join Diane Cibrian, leading run-off Candidate for City Council District 8, at her upcoming fundraising reception.

When: Wednesday, May 23rd, 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

Where: Club Giraud, 707 N. St. Mary's St.

Event sponsors and die-hard supporters include:

Red McCombs-Kim Bowers-Cee Cee Cheever-Kelly Frost-Gene Dawson
Colleen Frost-Gloria Sanchez
(former D8 candidate)
Bert Cecconi (former D8 candidate)
Paul Covey-Sam Dawson-Ed Einstein-Jim Greenwood-Hugo & Selina Gutierrez
Frank Herrera Jr.-Hon. Jim Mattox-Hon. Chico Rodriguez-Alan Schoenbaum
Lionel & Kathy Sosa-Luke & Andrea Soules-Marty Truss-David Cibrian
David Waddell-Robert Wurzbach-Hon. Robert Puente-Hon. John Longoria
Mark Gravely-Doug Poneck-Helen Bryan-Anthony Quinn-John R. Bozada
Stephanie Chandler
Yours truly, and many others.

RSVP not required.

For questions, please call Marina Gonzales at 512-573-3339.

Why Diane is going to win:

In one word: hard work (okay, I cheated, that's two words).

Diane is going to win because she blockwalks everyday. If you don't believe me and you don't live in District 8, try scheduling a meeting with her at 10 am or at 2 pm on a Saturday. Or try meeting with her at 2 pm on a Sunday. Also Diane does visibility Monday through Friday at major intersections between 7 am to 9 am, and again from 5 pm and 6 pm.
Prior to the May 12th election, Diane's campaign knocked on over 11,000 doors, some of those as many as 2 or 3 times. Seven days into the runoff Diane has already blockwalked 4 of the most important precincts to her campaign. There are only 13 days until the start of early vote.

Jaime Castillo from the San Antonio Express-News wrote in his column that "Stribling is going to have to match Cibrian's campaign intensity if he wants to have any chance of overtaking her."

The Guru of District 8, a.k.a. Roddy Stinson, referred to Diane as "fiscal conservative Diane Cibrian" and to her opponent as "tax-and-spend." My friends in PR tell me that you can't buy that kind of press. I couldn't agree more because people in District 8 quote Roddy Stinson as much as a priest quotes the Bible.

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