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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Bexar County Early Vote Counts for General Election. 10-30

Bexar County Early Vote Counts

Ballots cast this date: 10/30/2016

Early Voting LocationsDaily
Total Votes
Total Votes
Total Votes
Alamo Stadium Convocation21438164030
Bexar County Elections14333933536
Bexar County Justice Center042084208
Brookhollow Library11181091612034
Castle Hills City Hall44358326275
Claude Black Center24434143658
Cody Library 75583839138
Collins Garden Library18133643545
Converse City Hall54751535700
Copernicus Community Center12729233050
East Central ISD Admin24040144254
Encino Branch Library67471077781
Fair Oaks Ranch City Hall35863466704
Great Northwest Library 83190159846
Henry A Guerra, Jr. Library33053305660
John Igo Library69779218618
Johnston Library26341924455
Julia Yates Semmes Library79180118802
Las Palmas Library30847885096
Leon Valley Conference Center56766757242
Lion's Field32749275254
Maury Maverick Library71875478265
McCreless Library42058736293
Memorial Library26948045073
Mission Library25138464097
Northside Activity Center36754815848
Northwest Vista College60856806288
Olmos Park City Hall27042774547
Palo Alto College12419262050
Parman Library @ Stone Oak95887449702
Precinct 1 Satellite Office12427752899
San Antonio College ECO Centro17433463520
Shavano Park City Hall62674188044
Somerset ISD Admin8815081596
South Park Mall32348025125
South San Admin Building7914161495
Southside ISD Administration Building5415021556
Thousand Oaks/El Sendero Library43044144844
Tobin Library @ Oakwell57070667636
Universal City City Hall53551585693
University of Texas at San Antonio49458456339
Windcrest Takas Park 48947045193
Wonderland of the Americas@Crossroads748979910547
Total in Person17877227659245536

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