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Monday, January 28, 2008

Tony Kosub, candidate for State Rep. District 122

Terri Hall (photo)
TURF Executive Director

“Tony Kosub represents the ideals of Texas and America. He is honest, intelligent, hard-working, and a self-made man. He believes in education and the right of people to have a say in their future. Tony Kosub will listen to what the people need and want, and do his best to help us all have a part of the American dream.” (Tony Kosub website)

This is an exciting day for the San Antonio Toll Party for two reasons:

1) We have a candidate to unseat a pro-toll incumbent in District 122
2) We have a candidate who actually inspires us! That candidate is Tony Kosub.

He's a man of incorruptible character, who's genuine and sincere in his convictions, and who actually cares about people. His life's work is investing in our children as a middle school teacher and coach. He doesn't just talk; he lives what he believes.

I first met Tony Kosub at one of our events a number of years ago, and Tony not only took it upon himself to get educated and involved in fighting tolls roads and the Trans Texas Corridor, he began to take an interest in the larger fight against overbearing, abusive government, an escalating tax burden, and out of control government spending while "we the people" had to keep tightening our belts. Tony Kosub desperately desired to remedy the growing problem of the disconnect between us and our elected representatives, particularly in his own backyard, District 122.

Tony Kosub is not only a fresh face for District 122, but he's also a problem solver. He comes from the people and understands the economic stress that both business and families are under and he knows how to relieve returning to the principles we know will work. The principles of less government (starting with reining-in government spending), lower taxes, and greater accountability to the taxpayers..starting with TxDOT, of course, an agency full of waste, fraud, and abuse who has already recklessly taken Texas into a toll tax slush fund road building frenzy, but that now has also clearly crossed the line by illegally hiring lobbyists on the taxpayer's dime!

I know you'll agree, that it's time for change in Texas. It's time to throw off politicians who defend government instead of their constituents, who refuse to listen to the people who pay the bills, and who represent the status quo even to the detriment of citizens.

We can not keep sending the same ol' career politicians to Austin and expect different results. We need new leadership.It is with great confidence that the San Antonio Toll Party gives our endorsement to Tony Kosub.

I can't think of anyone more equipped for the task ahead of him, who has the values to get us headed in the right direction, and who has the uncompromising conviction it will take to resist the forces of big government and the tax and spend mentality that has taken over Austin.

Ladies and gentlemen, it's my privilege to introduce you to the next State Representative for District 122, Tony Kosub!

Terri Hall

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