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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A message from Republican candidate Chris Milam

Chris Milam (photo)
Republican Primary
Sheriff candidate

On March 4th of 2008 you, a citizen of Bexar County, will have the opportunity to chart a new course for law enforcement when you vote for veteran law officer Christopher J. Milam for Sheriff. A native Texan, whose heritage is service and leadership, Chris has a vision for the safety, protection and respect of all citizens of Bexar County and a plan for building a state of the art law enforcement agency.

The Sheriff is not only the chief law enforcement officer in the county, but also the head of the Sheriff’s Office, a multi-million dollar agency and employer of over 1800 people. Chris’s ability in law enforcement and administration together with his 28 years of experience have uniquely prepared him to lead this agency into a new era of technology, elevated security and partnerships involving local, state and federal law enforcement agencies.

Raised in San Antonio, a ninth generation Texan, Chris graduated from John Marshall High School and served in the United States Air Force Security Police. Four years later while working for the Sheriff’s Department he attended Wayland Baptist University from which he received his Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice.

After retiring from the Sheriff’s Office Milam represented the United States as an International Police Senior Law Enforcement Instructor in Bosnia, Kosovo & Serbia. His job was to conduct police training in liaison with the chief law officers of these countries; often this would involve ambassadors, heads of state and even presidents. In 2004 he joined the Texas Attorney General’s Office, at the same time going back to school to secure a Masters Degree in Management. Currently Chris works for the Attorney General’s Office in the Criminal Investigation Division for Money Laundering. As confirmation of his abilities Milam has earned the Master Peace Officer License, the highest law enforcement license issued in Texas.

Family is important to Chris and he is especially proud of his children. His oldest son, Ben Milam has chosen to carry on the family tradition of service to his country as an active duty Marine; Ben is married with two children. Daughter Kymberly, an elementary school teacher, has also found value in her father’s examples; her husband is active duty United States Air Force. Chris is married to Lilly Milam.

As a Republican Milam feels the party’s principles of leadership, honesty, service, respect, fiscal accountability and law & order are a reflection of his own values. He has worked diligently for candidates representing these values in past elections and is proud to be on the Republican ticket in the March 2008 Primary election.

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Anonymous said...

I don't understand the "One Nation Under God" graphic before Milam's posts. Does he issue it with his press releases? Is this in any way relevant to how he would run the sheriff department if elected?