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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A message from MLK March Coordinator Gloria Ray

Gloria Ray (photo)
MLK March Coordinator

Committee Members, family and friends:

The Honorable Stephen Walker, former Councilman, City of Balcones Heights, captured some of the best of our MLK Celebration. In my opinion, he did a better job than the media.

Just look at the crowd!!

This year was extraordinary, despite the weather. They came and they came in droves. Unfortunately, because of the weather, SAPD was unable to get an accurate count. But from all reports from the PD and the March Marshals, this one was a record breaker.

Please pass on my most profound congratsulations!!! for a job well done to our team of dedicated workers.

May God continue to bless all of you in all you do to help build the "Beloved Community".

Please enjoy

Gloria Ray

MLK March Coordinator

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