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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Sheriff candidate speaks on 911 emergency action

Chris Milam (photo)
Republican Primary candidate
Bexar County Sheriff

911 Emergency Action Required

As your Candidate for Bexar County Sheriff I understand the need for a timely response to a citizen’s call for help on our Bexar County Dispatch ‘911’ lines. I am also uniquely aware of the need to plan for emergencies and keep our dispatch and call centers updated.

On December 31, 2007, New Years Eve, the Bexar County Dispatch ‘911’ Call Center was overwhelmed; 250 citizens attempting to report fires, domestic situations as well as other emergencies could not get help. This crisis occurred primarily because there were not enough personnel on duty to handle the in-coming emergencies.

In this era of automation I feel the personal touch has been sacrificed for efficiency and an effort to cut costs. Automated prompts or messages asking you to “wait for the next dispatcher” are inappropriate at a time when immediate help is required. When I am elected Sheriff of Bexar County I plan to increase staff in dispatch and promote salary incentives so as to attract and keep our qualified personnel. When a citizen calls ‘911’ a concerned, trained person will answer the call and handle your emergency.

Serving the citizens of Bexar County will be the foremost concern in my administration as Sheriff; protection of victims and families will once again be the priority of the Sheriff’s Office.

Chris Milam
Your candidate for Bexar County Sheriff

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