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Saturday, January 26, 2008

150-thousand hits on the blog in one year & 10 days

Walker Report surpassed 150-thousand hits on the blog shortly after midnight, Saturday, January 26th when most were sleeping including the Walker Report staff. Now that we are functional and fully awake, it is time to keep promoting future events and covering them when they happen. Today is no exception. The next post is coming as soon as this one ends.

Our next goal is 200-thousand and holding!! Keep viewing and sending in your information on your events. If you have photos, send them. We can't be at every function. We reserve the right to crop them if necessary. Everybody is welcome on the blog as long as you follow the ground rules.
  • NO photos of alcohol
  • NO photos of smoking or cigerettes
  • NO inappropriate behavior
  • NO trashing or bashing or personal attacks
  • Think Family Blog
  • When taking photos, get up close so we can see faces

Thanks for making us a success and we will do likewise for you.

Steve Walker, Walker Report Publisher

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